XFL– DFS Expert Consensus – Week 5

Get ready for Week 5 of the XFL season with the top DFS plays in our Weighted Consensus Rankings from 18 industry analysts and optimizers.

XFL DFS – Hot Sheet – Week 5

We roll into the midway point of the XFL regular season with Week 5 in our sights. There were a few disappointments (Cam Phillips) and surprises (Vipers) last week and this week figures to have its own share of twists. That said, don’t overreact to last week’s results and try to get in on the home team trend the XFL has demonstrated this season.

XFL– DFS Expert Consensus – Week 4

Leap into some XFL DFS action this weekend with Week 4 of the season kicking off on Saturday. The analysts and optimizers have cast their votes on the top plays, so find out who tops the list at each position.

XFL DFS – Hot Sheet – Week 4

With three weeks in the books, it is probably time to start trusting what we have seen so far rather than speculating on what we thought would happen. That means biting the bullet and moving away from some players who we expected to do well and embracing some players who have consistently provided production. Week 4 delivers another fun looking DFS slate where you will want to get your “guaranteed” production from as many roster spots as possible while taking advantage of any injury situations that could open up some opportunity or value.

XFL– DFS Expert Consensus – Week 3

It’s time for Week 3 of the XFL season and the pricing has started to get a little bit tighter on the DFS sites. However, the XFL DFS experts from around the industry have provided their top plays at each position to help you navigate your lineup building efforts.

XFL DFS – Hot Sheet – Week 3

Pricing across the XFL DFS industry is starting to get sharper now that we have a couple of weeks of data. There still will be some value options to make a splash each week, but they will come with more risk than they did during the first two weeks. I’d recommend continuing to only roster the bare minimum 1 RB and utilizing WRs for your flex spots.

XFL– DFS Expert Consensus – Week 2

It was a fun and entertaining first week of XFL DFS action and now that we have a week’s worth of XFL analyst grading in the books, we have morphed our Consensus Rankings into Weighted Consensus Rankings for Week 2 while also taking our first shot at ownership projections for Cash games and GPPs.

XFL DFS – Hot Sheet – Week 2

My read on Week 1 was pretty good with my top QB choice Phillip Walker scoring big and I also hit on three out of my four best bets. Now that we have a week’s worth of data to analyze we still need to be careful to try not to overreact. That said, in a league with so little information we are going to have to trust some of what we saw. For example, Week 1 results have me staying away from most of the high-priced RBs, especially if they don’t offer anything in the passing game since rushing scores might be hard to come by in this league.

XFL DFS - Hot Sheet - Week 1

The NFL season may be over, but DFS football junkies can still get their fix with the reboot of the XFL. The XFL 2.0 has been getting some hype and will be televised on major networks. While there are some familiar faces coaching and on the field, it is largely a mystery what to expect from the eight XFL teams as we enter Week 1. Get my top XFL DFS plays for Week 1 along with my top Best Bets and XFL playoffs and Championship picks.

NFL Hot Sheet – Super Bowl

It’s time for the Big Game with Super Bowl LIV between the 49ers and Chiefs set to kickoff on Sunday evening. I feel like I have a good read on the game in my writeup below, but it is a single-game DFS slate so every play and especially score will play a big part in finishing in the green or not. If you have a gut call, then go for it!