PGA Expert Selection Grading  2018-2019 Season

The Daily Overlay team keeps track of the top PGA experts in the Daily Fantasy Sports world. We compile this information before and after each tournament to share with Daily Overlay visitors. Hopefully this data will help separate the the good experts from great, and help you make some cash with your lineup. Also, check out our Grading Process.

DQ in the Grading Scale means expert stopped making timely picks.

A+ A B C D F
Great play for GPP Win High GPP money In the money GPP Possible GPP money Will need lots of help from others A total Fail with this pick

*** See which analysts performed well in previous seasons in our PGA Expert Rankings History ***

Last updated  August 22nd, 2019 – FINAL

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PGA DFS Expert Grading 2018-2019

ExpertPicksA+ABCDFDO Score
Seth Finkelstein - Rotoballer2081525344425652.36
Chris Etherington - 4golfdfs.com6421112169142.38
Pat Mayo - DraftKings5334762100105641552.54
Drew Phelps - Fantasy Alarm6275675120114731892.55
Mike Rodden - NumberFire105814221817262.56
stlcards84 - RG GPP Breakdown3822955767548992.59
Benjamin Main - Fantasy CPR1801329314023442.62
Josh Culp - futureoffantasy2231833444421632.63
Mike McClure - Sportsline2222225414134592.63
Chris Durell - DFSR2172026385321592.63
Geoff Ulrich - DK Playbook46047597990481372.67
Len Hochberg - Rotowire577607887122681622.71
DailyOverlay Consensus916881271631951112322.73
Colin Drew - DailyRoto6736599135128691772.79
Derek Farnsworth - RG Cash Breakdown3033049655834672.94
Christopher Aliperto - Fantasy CPR3083450547531643.03
Justin Bailey - FantasyLabs1181121282022163.06
Brody Schnarr - DFS Army2312939344825563.06
Alex White - FullTimeFantasy50671210693.14


PGA 2018-19 Inactives

ExpertPicksA+ABCDFDO Score
Dave Tindall - Rotoworld7810713219182.88
Matt Cooper - Rotoworld646616146162.69
Ryan Baroff - Scout3312742597630972.53