XFL Industry Expert Grading

The Daily Overlay team keeps track of top XFL expert predictions. We then test this information each week and share it with our visitors and top performing experts. Our goal is to see who is great, who is really good, and who is not so hot, so you will know who to trust. If you think your predictions could make it to the top of the list let us know in the comments below and we may add you to the grading. Also, check out our Grading Process.

Note: We weight A+ selections very high because the payout is much higher. Our grading consists of the selections each site has up. If the site is late getting picks available they may not be included. We grade each NFL player against overall scoring, rank of scoring, scoring value(score/salary). They then receive the best grade from those 3 scales (because our grading system is damn hard!)

A+ A B C D F
Great play for GPP Win High GPP money In the money GPP Possible GPP money Will need lots of help from others A total Fail with this pick

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Updated weekly. Last updated March 9

XFL DFS Expert Grading 2020