NHL DFS Expert Recap and Grading – Week of February 14th

The top NHL DFS sites for the past week included DailyFantasyInsider, FantasyPros, and FantasyAlarm – Lineup Generator. The top of the overall leaderboard remains the same for another week.

NFL – DFS Expert Grading and Recap – Week 15 (2021)

The top of the NFL DFS expert leaderboard for Week 15 was a tie between Sportsline and DailyFantasyInsider with AthlonSports rounding out the Top 3. Only three weeks of NFL DFS analyst grading left!

NHL DFS Expert Recap and Grading – Week of November 29th

With a full five days of NHL DFS expert grading this week, Rotoballer provided the top plays, followed up by DailyFantasyInsider and RotoGrinders Consensus. The strong week by RotoGrinders Consensus also moved them up into second place in the overall standings trailing only DFSArmy Cheatsheet with our DailyOverlay Cash Consensus rounding out the Top 3.

NHL DFS Expert Recap and Grading – Week of October 18th

DailyFantasyInsider took the top spot for the week and holds an early lead in the overall standings. They were followed this week by DFSArmy – Cheatsheet and the FantasyAlarm – Lineup Generator.

NHL DFS Expert Recap and Grading – Week of February 22nd

The top NHL DFS analysts for the past week were DailyFantasyInsider, FantasyPros, and the DFSArmy Domination Station. Meanwhile, the Top 3 in the Overall Standings remains the same this week with DFSArmy Cheat Sheet, RotoGrinders Slate Summary, and Awesemo Projections. However, there was some movement in the position-by-position standings with a few different sites taking the lead.

NHL DFS Expert Recap and Grading – Week of February 1st

Another week of NHL action and DFS grading is in the books. This past week saw DailyFantasyInsider provide the top plays of the week. They were followed by Awesemo Projections which also took over the led in the Overall Standings. Also, make note that our DailyOverlay – Cash Consensus picks finished 3rd for the week and have moved up to 5th overall. A great tool for building your NHL Cash game lineups.

NFL – DFS Expert Grading and Recap – Week 17 (FINAL)

Top NFL DFS Experts – Week 17 (FINAL) It was another great season of NFL DFS and it is always interesting to see which DFS analysts and optimizer provided the top plays. This year that title goes to DailyFantasyInsider with the “must-have”…

NFL – DFS Expert Grading and Recap – Week 16

In Week 16 it was Rotoballer that took the top spot, followed very closely by DailyFantasySportsRankings and RotoGrinders Core Plays. With just one week left in the season and our analyst grading, DailyFantasyInsider is holding onto the top spot with a pair of picks from RotoGrinders rounding out the Top 3. Let’s see if anyone can make a move in the final week!

NFL – DFS Expert Grading and Recap – Week 15

Week 15 saw some big DFS scores. The top DFS analysts for the week came from the DraftKings Playbook with their Targets and Sleepers articles both coming in the Top 3 with Rotoballer in the mix as well. We are down to the final two weeks left, let see who can challenge for the top spots on the Overall Leaderboard.

NFL – DFS Expert Grading and Recap – Week 14

Week 14 of NFL DFS expert grading saw Rotoballer take the top spot, followed by DailyFantasySportsRankings and GoingFor2. There were also a bunch of off-the-radar plays that fared well and were only recommended by a couple of analysts. Be sure to check out the Extra Credit section to find out which experts were on these hidden gems.

NFL – DFS Expert Grading and Recap – Week 13

Another thrilling week of grading the DFS analysts and optimizers which saw Rotoworld – Pivots take the top spot this week, followed closely by DailyFantasyCafe and DailyFantasyInsider. The Overall Leaderboard is also starting to tighten up as we enter the last month of the season.

NFL – DFS Expert Grading and Recap – Week 11

Another entertaining week of NFL and DFS which saw DailyFantasyInsider led the way for the analysts, followed closely by a pair of picks from the folks at DFSArmy. Our DailyOverlay Consensus Cash picks continue to perform well with an 8th place showing this week and for the season.