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NFL – Cash Game Index – Week 6

Russell Wilson. Russell Wilson. Russell Wilson. Russell Wilson. Russell Wilson. Russell Wilson. Russell Wilson. Matthew Stafford? Shit… All week I had Wilson in my cash lineup, but with the news of Marquez Valdes-Scantling entering the starting lineup, I felt I needed to get him and Matthew Stafford in my cash lineup. MVS was not on […]

College Football – Power Five – Week 7

Of course, a week removed from bashing running back options in college football DFS, Week 7 happens.

This week we have 10 games on the early slate, a new norm for DraftKings this SEZN (new spelling of the word season, apparently). And there are about 15 running backs I actually want to use. In previous weeks, it’s been a crap shoot, but we finally have workhorse backs to choose from.

The problem for the Power 5 this week, is there are also a ton of QBs and WRs I really want to recommend and use.

So the Power 5 has turned into the Power 27…well, not that many players, but it was very difficult to narrow down due to the guys below being in great games with great game scripts and matchups.

It was only a matter of time before a slate made me feel like I could play everyone…

So let’s dive in, shall we?


McKenzie Milton – UCF – $10,400

Analysis: This UCF/Memphis game has an O/U of 78….SEVENTY-EIGHT. Even if it goes under, lots of points are likely going to be scored. I don’t want to call the most expensive QB a lock, but his touchdown equity and rushing upside definitely make him the top play on the slate.

Trace McSorley – Penn State – $9,200

Analysis: Penn State can try to run the ball into a brick wall if it wants, but the way to beat Michigan State is through the air. The Spartans have allowed a ridiculously low 33.8 yards per game on the ground, but through the air? 305 YPG, the most per game of the slate. McSorley also has a safer floor with upside due to his rushing ability and is in a game with a 54 over/under.

Justin Herbert – Oregon – $8,100

Analysis: Washington and Oregon’s total feels awfully low. It’s at 57.5, but we have two good offenses battling it out and due to previous opponents, their yards passing and rushing allowed on defense seems a bit skewed. Herbert has been consistent and steady with around 20 fantasy points per game. He has tons of weapons around him and can run when needed. Also, Oregon has been averaging nearly 50 points scored per game, including blowouts.

Brady White – Memphis – $7,800

Analysis: Brady White is the quarterback for Memphis. Has he flashed huge upside this season? Not yet. He’s actually struggled a bit from time to time, but he’s going to have to pull it together against UCF if his team wants a shot at avenging two losses to UCF last season. Based on the potential for this game to shoot, White has to be considered despite lacking talent.

Jake Browning – Washington – $7,100

Analysis: It’s crazy to me that Jake Browning and Jarret Stidham (also on this slate), two prominent quarterbacks coming out of high school, are some of the cheapest QB options on the slate. I already have said I think this game total is low despite both teams averaging at least 275 yards passing per game. Browning and the Huskies have put up nearly 30 points per game.

Charlie Brewer – Baylor – $6,500

Analysis: I feel like the Longhorns are due to a little let down this week against Baylor, coming off their big win against rival Oklahoma. Charlie Brewer has taken the reigns as QB1 for the Baylor Bears, who are averaging 325 passing yards per game compared to Texas allowing 233 yards passing per game. Baylor should be playing behind in this one and without a definite running game, the Bears have nothing to do but throw the ball.

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NFL – GPP Index – Week 6

Week 5 in the NFL brought a huge Rams victory on the road with a gutsy 4th down call, an ugly Browns FG in overtime to win and avoid a second tie, a 63-yard field goal for the Panthers to beat the Giants, the Cowboys failing to go for it on 4th down in overtime […]

NFL – Cash Index – Week 5

Cash game scoring is astronomical on DraftKings this season. It looked like I was going avoid a sweat, then Alvin Kamara romped for a 44-yard touchdown late against the Giants…

The sweat was on, but my 208 in cash was able to hang out, but it felt like it was by just a thread.

It’s the second time this season my cash game lineup has scored above 200, which used to be enough to win you a large-field GPP.

But the league is changing, philosophies are changing and new rules are affecting that play.

We have 7 games with totals of 50 or better this week. SEVEN.

Pass catching running backs are the big key to giving your lineups high floors, but it also might be key to giving your team some ceiling. If this keeps up, you are going to have to be nearly perfect in your lineup construction.

But I was able to survive with a 208. Our image uploader is not working properly, so here’s the written version of my cash lineup:

QB – DeShaun Watson
RB1 – Ezekiel Elliott
RB2 – Gio Bernard
WR1 – Julio Jones
WR2 – Sterling Shepard
WR3 – Tyler Boyd
TE – David Njoku
FLEX – Tevin Coleman
D/ST – Chicago Bears

Analysis: I wrote last week that Russell Wilson might take me off of DeShaun Watson. Because of my salary, I almost went off script again and took Drew Brees. Taking Brees, and going off script, would’ve destroyed my lineups. But as I wrote last week, I and you have to stick to the script. And it paid off here. Tevin Coleman was the big dud. Ito Smith vultured a TD and he isn’t getting the usage we wanted. Julio continues to avoid the endzone at will (guess who is on this list again?). Watson and Elliott were great and the Bears DST was the easiest free square imaginable. Shepard and Boyd were in great spots and paid off big.

We are into Week 5 now that the Pats and Colts have completed their game on Thursday night. There’s lots of news that could come down between now and Sunday morning. So I want to preface that if something comes out that changes everything for a team or a player, then I might be forced to go off script.

We will see.

I am not sure which way I will go at RB at all. I have a list of QBs that I love below, but a few stand out above the others that I am interested in. Let’s take a look at this week’s cash game plays for full PPR sites. Good luck this week. Please send out screen shots to me for cash lineup questions or successes! Would love to hear from you.







Cam Newton – Carolina Panthers – $6,400

Analysis: Don’t mind that Drew Brees line against the Giants. Don’t mind that Dak Prescott line against the Giants. Brees has lots of weapons, Dak plays for the Cowboys. Enter Cam Newton and the Panthers coming off a bye and lots of rest, also at home. Cam soaks up all of the production the Panthers will likely have this week offensively. He rushes the ball, scores goalline TDs and of course throws the ball. Lots of high floor and ceiling possibilities. Just hope the offensive line holds up.

Kirk Cousins – Minnesota Vikings – $6,000

Analysis: I think the Vikings/Eagles game goes undervalued this week. Cousins and the Vikings are averaging 277 yards passing per game. The Eagles are giving up 271 passing yards per game. See how those pieces fit? The Vikings defense has been blunderful (made up word) on the road, forcing the Vikings to throw and into shootouts. The Eagles are fifth in fantasy points allowed to QBs through 4 weeks. Diggs and Thielen should eat.

Andy Dalton – Cincinnati Bengals – $5,900

Analysis: Dalton and the Bengals offense has been so much better this season, averaging 28 points per game and 303 passing yards. Miami is allowing 284 yards passing per game. The Bengals get Joe Mixon back this week, which should really open things up all over the field even without Tyler Eifert.

Matthew Stafford – Detroit Lions – $5,700

Analysis: At home, in a high total, against a busted Green Bay secondary and facing Aaron Rodgers. This has all the makings of a shootout and the Packers won’t be able to cover all of his weapons running around all over the field.

Blake Bortles – Jacksonville Jaguars – $5,500

Analysis: No Leonard Fournette means Blake Bortles is going to throw. Bortles stood out to me outside of the guy rounding out this list. Mostly because of his matchup, but then Fournette’s status sealed the deal for me with Bortles. He’s probably the chalk in cash games this week as the Jags travel to Arrowhead to take on Kansas City. The caution here is that it is Bortles, he’s going to be popular and he’s playing in a tough place to play. KC’s defense has been getting torched by QBs, allowing 328 yards passing and 2 TD’s per game. That’s a pretty ridiculous floor for Bortles if this is the average for KC.

Russell Wilson – Seattle Seahawks – $5,100

Analysis: Another QB on this list in a high total game. Coincidence? Wilson’s on this list mostly because his price seems so ridiculously low. The talent of DangerRuss and his usual price tag stand out here with this nearly sub-$4K tag. I know it’s the Rams, but you probably expect a mudhole to be stomped into Seattle by the Rams, right? Then what are the Seahawks going to do? Throw the damn ball. They have Doug Baldwin back and some capable pass catchers out of the backfield, but it is hard to trust this offense.

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College Football – Power Five – Week 6

It’s rivalry week in college football….or at least one of the many. But there are three key rivalries this week on the DFS main slate on DraftKings. There’s OU/Texas, LSU/Florida and Florida State/Miami. These rivalries aren’t what they once were, but I think Texas/OU is the game of the slate. Anything can happen in this […]


NFL – GPP Index – Week 5

We are starting see the trend of the 2018 NFL season. New rules have exploded offensive scoring. Last week was the first time in NFL history 5 or more QBs have thrown for 400 yards in a day.

We are a quarter of the way through the fantasy football season, and not only are offenses exploding, we are also seeing a rising star reaching for the top of the universe in Patrick Mahomes.

Overshadowing everyone else at the QB position so far, Mahomes has the Chiefs riding a 4-0 start and helped orchestrate a comeback in Denver on Monday Night, even having to use his left hand to get the job done.

Mahomes was a stud at Texas Tech and a delight to watch, but I would’ve never guessed this kind of start for a Texas Tech/Big 12 quarterback.

The most fascinating thing is he hasn’t thrown an interception.

Now, some of this is going to come back to earth, and that certainly may be this week (more on that later), but much like Deshaun Watson last year, Mahomes has taken the NFL and fantasy players everywhere, by storm.

Let’s just hope he can stay healthy…

A recap in Week 4. The strongest position was the running back position followed by quarterbacks, wide receivers and then tight ends. GPPs weren’t kind to me this week, but cash games made up for that loss (see Thursday).

Now let’s tackle Week 5 in this week’s GPP Index


Ben Roethlisberger – Pittsburgh Steelers – $6,900

Analysis: Steelers are taking on the Falcons at home in a game with a 57 total. Big Ben at home against a beat-up Falcons defense that has allowed 318, 391 and 308 passing yards the past three games. The Falcons have allowed 104 points in those three games and 284 passing yards per game.

Phillip Rivers – Los Angeles Chargers – $6,700

Analysis: Both teams defenses have been atrocious this season, and I don’t see that changing overnight for Week 5. Both defenses have allowed 30+ yards per game this season. Rivers is the second-highest priced QB in a game with a 52.5 over/under.

Matt Ryan – Atlanta Falcons – $6,600

Analysis: Let’s see if the Matt Ryan outside narrative works this week. He’s been lights out his past 3 games, all indoors at home.Now his price has caught up to his production. Taking on the Steelers in Pittsburgh is never easy, however Pitt is allowing an absurd 304 yards passing per game.

Aaron Rodgers – Green Bay Packers – $6,300

Analysis: Rodgers is coming off a performance that didn’t require him to do much. Now he gets a road showdown against the Lions indoors on field turf. The downside here is that Rodgers may be without Randall Cobb and Geronimo Allison, which would alter the Green Bay game plan a bit. Aaron Jones also is back and he’s dynamic himself. All of these leave Rodgers as a GPP play only despite this game’s 50.5 over/under.

Patrick Mahomes – Kansas City Chiefs – $6,200

Analysis: The ultimate tournament play this week. Will you play Mahomes at home against that Jacksonville defense? It will be his toughest test to date, but Travis Kelce, Kareem Hunt and any slot work from Tyreek Hill and the rest of the cast of characters can beat this defense. The price is reduced thanks to the matchup, but the upside is way up there and the price has come way down.

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NFL – Cash Game Index – Week 4

What a bang to Week 4 Thursday night! Vikings and Rams put on a show, making a case to keep Thursday night football around. I am in the camp that Thursday football should be reserved for Thanksgiving Day, but the NFL is matching up better teams this year so hopefully that makes things more entertaining […]


College Football – Power Five – Week 5

This week in college football is Big 12 country. The early slate, which will be our focus today, features 8 of the 10 teams in the Big 12 (yes, there are only 10 teams in the Big 12). There’s a huge matchup between West Virginia, who travels to Lubbock for an early date with newly […]


NFL – GPP Index – Week 4

It’s ALREADY Week 4 in the NFL. This sport always goes by so fast, so we better enjoy it while we can.

Week 3 was dominated by controversy with the new roughing the passer penalty that doesn’t allow a player to put his body weight on a quarterback.

Disregarding physics, the NFL felt this would be an easy rule to follow, failing to realize how difficult it is for a person to react and stop momentum in the heat of attempting to keep a quarterback from beating his defense down the field.

I hope the damn rule gets overthrown because it makes the league look bad. I understand wanting to protect quarterbacks, the most important position, but a defense can’t be afraid to prevent a team from scoring for fear of penalty.

Time will tell, but sometimes enough complaints can make change happen, so I hope the fans and the media keep it up as these penalties will continue.

Alright, now to Week 4 DFS instead of lumbering on.

We had a big casualty over the course of Week 3 – Jimmy G’s ACL.

It sucks that San Fran’s franchise QB is out for the season alongside fellow teammate Jerick McKinnon. Now they have to rely on C.J. Beathard, a mediocre college quarterback from Iowa, to shoulder the load. I am not certain he can throw 50 yards down the field without pressure. San Fran is likely going to be bad moving forward, unless they somehow acquire a midseason QB a la their Jimmy G trade a year ago.

This week in DFS is going to be interesting as we don’t have any games that truly jump off the page. There are a couple of games that have some decently high totals, but nothing that looks definitive. I think this will be a week to find that game that no one else is on in tournaments.

Other story lines to consider this week – Baker Mayfield and Josh Rosen are both making their first career NFL starts. So with that, let’s segue to this week’s GPP picks.


Baker Mayfield – Cleveland Browns – $5,300

Analysis: Oh come on, of course he’s going to be here! But this isn’t a Johnny Manziel type of dart throw, this is a legit, cheap option with tons of upside and who is going to be a legit QB for this franchise. Oakland has allowed 258 yards passing per game this season, including 332 to the Dolphins last week. The Raiders don’t put pressure on the QB, and if they do, Mayfield can make something happen with his legs. He’s still a rookie, so there’s lots of potential for error, making him a tournament-only play for me.

Josh Rosen – Arizona Cardinals – $4,500

Analysis: The Cardinals’ offense is atrocious, thus Josh Rosen gets to be a jolt of energy. We don’t get a starting QB worthy of 2-3 TD upside at minimum price, but he is starting at home and gets to raise this offense out of the depths of hell. DJ and Larry Fitzgerald should make for some easy, short-yardage targets, too.

Ryan Tannehill – Miami Dolphins – $5,500

Analysis: I just can’t recommend Tannehill for cash because he’s still Ryan Tannehill. But he’s cheap enough that volume and opportunity are worth the risk. Up against the Pats, who have allowed 406 yards of offense per game plus 25 points per game, Tannehill should be chucking it in a game where the Dolphins are likely to be behind.

Eli Manning – New York Giants – $5,600

Analysis: Excuse me, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. Typing the words Eli Manning make me nauseous. With that said, Manning and the Giants get the Saints, who have allowed 336 yards passing and 34 points per game through 3 games.

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NFL – Cash Game Index – Week 3

I am still irked about my cash games in Week 2, so writing this intro sucks. Things were going so great and I had Kittle and Pettis to go. They started strong with a few catches and thought they would be good to go, masking my egregious error. But Todd Gurley scored 3 touchdowns, Emmanuel […]

CFB – Power Five – Week 4

I’ll be honest, I don’t love this week’s slate of games for the early slate. The evening slate on DraftKings has a few more games I feel comfortable targeting and games that should be entertaining.

But DraftKings shit the bed with their evening contests and they are virtually unplayable.

So we are going to do our best to bring you some of the best plays to take down a GPP in Week 4 of college football…yes, we are already to Week 4!

Now let me preface something….Baylor.

I think one of their quarterbacks breaks the slate against Kansas, but I’ll be damned trying to pick which one comes out on top. I guess an interesting strategy would be to pair them together to soak up all the usage?

I am highly interested in them this week, but I am not going to make them official picks because I literally can’t choose. But they will be in all of my lineups, possibly even paired together.

Keep them in mind with your roster construction, but enough about the Bears, let’s get to the meat of this week’s Power 5.

We will do wide receivers as the free preview this week, too. Good luck!


Jerry Jeudy – Alabama – $8,400

Analysis: Has he received the nickname Judge Jeudy yet? He’s been the ‘Bama executioner in three games so far with 2 touchdowns in every blow out. The jury is still out on whether he will be this consistent all year with Alabama likely beating the tar out of most of its competition. They do get ‘Bama this week and the Aggies will be ready to play. The Aggies’ weakness has been against the passing game, allowing 250 yards per game so far this season. Jeudy is the top target in a game that could be close and feature some points, meaning Jeudy will have to be on the field all game.

Jalen Hurd – Baylor – $7,600

Analysis: It’s weird to me that the former Tennessee running back is now a wide receiver for Baylor, but he’s the top wideout in this offense alongside Denzel Mims who should return this week against Kansas. Hurd has 18 catches and two touchdowns through 3 games and while Kansas has two straight wins, they are now playing the big boys as Big 12 conference play begins. Baylor isn’t a big boy, but they shouldn’t struggle to toss Kansas around like a stuffed animal.

David Sills V – West Virginia – $8,000

Analysis: I am going to fall back and chase Sills to return to Sills form. He was the team leader in touchdown receptions last year and Jennings, his stellar counterpart, is coming off a monster 3-touchdown game. West Virginia is the cream of the crop in the Big 12 and lowly Kansas State doesn’t stand a chance. Sills should have a heavy role in the Mountaineers opening Big 12 play with a win.

Greg Dortch – Wake Forest – $7,900

Analysis: I’ll be honest, I am not very familiar with Greg Dortch. His name sounds like he should be a plumber or something. But he’s actually Wake Forest’s top receiver going up a Notre Dame squad that is vastly overrated and has been bombed through the air this season for 251 yards per game against Michigan, Ball State and Vandy…none of whom are prolific passing teams. Wake does have a solid passing attack, averaging 278 yards per game thus far. Dortch himself has logged 28 catches through 3 games for 336 yards and a score.

Rondale Moore – Purdue – $6,900

Analysis: Moore actually was my last man in this week and made the Power 5 at receiver turn into the Power 6. He’s a cheaper No. 1 receiving option on this slate going up against a leaky Boston College defense in a game with an over/under of 63. Purdue has homefield advantage and Moore and quarterback David Blough (if Sindelar is unable to go) make a solid 1-2 punch versus the Eagles whose only opponent of note is Wake Forest. In that game, Wake quarterback Sam Hartman tossed 2 touchdown passes. Purdue has a better QB throwing the pigskin allowed and Moore has been the top option for this team, logging 2 games of 11 catches each for a total of 246 yards and two scores.

Jeff Smith – Boston College – $5,000

Analysis: I have said there will be lots of points scored in the BC/Purdue game, or at least there should be. BC is a run-first team, but they have the QB and receiver to make splash plays in the passing game as well. Jeff Smith is coming off a huge game with 6 catches for 145 yards and 2 scores. He had 3 carries in the game against Wake for 42 yards. Smith should be in another game that could be back and forth and him needing to be on the field. Before Wake, BC had faced off against UMASS and whatever H.C. is.

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NFL – GPP Index – Week 3

We are flipping and flopping things this week for the GPP and Cash Game Indexes. From this point and beyond, the GPP Index will release prior to my Cash Game Index. This will allow more time for me to work through my process as news breaks throughout the week. Last week, we saw moves like […]