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NFL – Value Index – Week 17

Christmas was here and now it’s gone…a lot like the NFL regular season every year. Hope it was an awesome holiday season for you and your family.

Now to Week 17, where we revert to preseason strategies for GPPs and concentrate on motivations for cash games.

But we aren’t doing separate cash and GPP write ups for this last regular season week. Instead, we will focus on players that you can feel safe using in your lineups, for both formats.

Most of the players you find below all have motivations of some kinds, personal or team-related, and then some value plays that look to be safe bets for a full game in this last full NFL DFS slate.

There’s lots of injuries, coach speak and role changes this week, I won’t be touching most of those. If we don’t know as of this article, then the rest of the information will be up to me for myself and you. I suggest reading up on Evan Silva or listening to some late-week podcasts to keep your information in order.

But before we get to that, here’s some information about teams and their situations for this week, playoff and non-playoff bound. No scenarios, just who has something to play for and who doesn’t.

NFC playoff teams with nothing to play for…

New Orleans Saints
Dallas Cowboys
Seattle Seahawks

NFC teams in the playoffs with something to play for or teams still in the hunt…

Los Angeles Rams
Chicago Bears
Minnesota Vikings
Philadelphia Eagles

AFC playoff teams with nothing to play for…


AFC teams in the playoffs with something to play for or teams still in the hunt…

Kansas City Chiefs
Los Angeles Chargers
New England Patriots
Houston Texans
Pittsburgh Steelers
Baltimore Ravens
Indianapolis Colts
Tennessee Titans

NFC non-playoff teams with nothing to play for…

Atlanta Falcons
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
New York Giants
Carolina Panthers
Detroit Lions
Green Bay Packers
Arizona Cardinals
San Francisco 49ers
Washington Redskins

AFC non-playoff teams with nothing to play for…

Oakland Raiders
Denver Broncos
New York Jets
Cleveland Browns
Cincinnati Bengals
Jacksonville Jaguars
Miami Dolphins
Buffalo Bills


Philip Rivers – Los Angeles Chargers – $6,400

Analysis: The Chargers need some help to snag the best possible playoff option, but they also have to win. A trip to Denver won’t be easy with divisional foe Broncos. However, this is a prime spot with a beat up Broncos’ secondary and an all-systems go Chargers offense who now has Austin Ekeler and Melvin Gordon back in action. Rivers has all the weapons he needs to face Denver, whose lone role is of spoiler.

Jared Goff – Los Angeles Rams – $6,200

Analysis: The Rams are trying to hang on to that No. 2 seed, but might be without Todd Gurley. Even with, Goff at home as been far more steady than on the road, averaging 28.6 FPPG in LA compared to 15.9 FPPG on the road. The 49ers have been a pass funnel defense all year and are allowing 214 yards passing and 2 TDs per game in their last four.

Josh Allen – Buffalo Bills – $6,000

Analysis: What, you think the Bills are going to bench Josh Allen?

Lamar Jackson – Baltimore Ravens – $5,600

Analysis: The playoffs stand in the balance at the hands of Lamar Jackson, who take on the Cleveland Browns at home. It’s a battle of first round rookies – Baker and Lamar. A win and the Ravens are in. A loss and they are done. Having homefield won’t hurt. The Browns have been a little tougher defensively, but this is a different style quarterback, one that has shown the ability to throw, but thrives on rushing. Lamar is getting the attempts, and that’s why you are playing him. Any passing stats are just a bonus.

Kyle Allen – Carolina Panthers – $4,000

Analysis: Last week Taylor Heineke was on his way to smashing his $4,000 price tag, got hurt, then came back in with his arm hanging from his shoulder, and still paid off. Now we get a lesser QB in a game where the only motivation is Kyle Allen showing what he’s got to potential employers. The Falcons, their opponent, also do not have anything to play for. So basically Allen is a punt play who has a little rushing ability in his past.

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NFL – Cash Game Index – Week 16

I didn’t play cash games on DK last week. I did on FantasyDraft and Saquon shot me in the foot.

But as I said last week, I wasn’t sure I would play on DK because the slate was ugly. Overall, it was a bust of a week on all sites I played…except DRAFT and FanBall.

I really couldn’t concentrate on my lineup construction much because I was consumed by the semifinal round of the $5 Mini Best Ball tournament on DRAFT, of which I had one entry remaining in the tournament.

I was in third heading into Monday night’s game between the Saints and Panthers. I ran pure with dodging Rams and Eagles players catching me, and was for certain that Drew Brees could outscore my McCaffrey share despite me having a 15-point lead.

But CMC did his thing and the game went well under the total and I somehow managed to sneak into this week’s Week 16 final round, top prize gets $20K, minimum cash is $400. It’s pretty awesome to make it to the finals of big tournament like this, especially my first year playing Best Ball. Sure there was some luck involved, but I do feel season-long is still a strength for me and Best Ball fits those elements plus adds in a daily fantasy factor, too.

I have looked through the other final 59 teams I am competing against. And it’s not shocking to see most of the teams with the same players I do because those are the same players that got us all into the final round. Most of the entries have Mahomes, Derrick Henry, Christian McCaffrey, Amari Cooper, Zeke, Gurley and Barkley. Many have Robby Anderson, some DeAndre Hopkins (but not a lot), Matt Ryan and then lots have either Kelce, Kittle or Ertz, the three highest-scoring tight ends in the NFL this year. Lots still got through without James Conner playing and could get him back this week, though it’s not looking great for his availability.

I don’t think I can run pure this week. I have the chalk players in my lineup, though no one has the combination I do (Mahomes, Henry, McCaffrey, Cooper and Hopkins). So if they all go off on the same day one more time, then I do have a great shot at the top, and they all do have some pretty awesome matchups.

Josh Gordon is a guy a lot of teams have, too, and here we are, Week 16 and Gordon is off the Patriots’ team. So I think the only way my team can really reach for that top prize is having the players I listed go bonkers, but then having either or all of Corey Davis, Sony Michel and James White go bonkers, and those guys haven’t done jack for me lately. Vernon Davis is my lone tight end left now that Jordan Reed is out, and he may not even play either, leaving me empty against the likes of Kelce, Ertz, Ebron and Kittle. That’s going to be tough and I think the deciding factor this week, honestly. It’s no coincidence or surprise that teams with these four tight ends all made the finals. Tight end has been a very volatile position and having at least one of these four gentleman set you apart from the rest of the field this year.

So this is just part of my lineup, but unless Bortles and Tavon Austin both play, my lineup has a lot of similar players with the field I am up against, it’s just that no one has the Mahomes-Henry-Cooper-CMC-Hopkins combo on their team. They all have to go off and I need Michel and/or White, Vernon and Corey Davis to be bonuses. If even a couple fail here, I don’t think I am cashing even four figures.

We will see if my theory holds true! I hope to have an awesome screen shot next week.

Now as for Week 16. Good luck, but note that injuries and teams playing for nothing will definitely impact who gets full workloads this week and my list below could drastically change between now and Sunday. As I am typing this, Juju Smith-Schuster went down with a groin injury, meaning AB could be a screaming hot play or James Washington or Eli Rogers or Ryan Switzer become awesome values if Juju sits. Keep that in mind.

Good luck this week and look for the GPP Index to come out Friday evening (sorry, didn’t get around to one of these last week with other work-related commitments).


DeShaun Watson – Houston Texans – $6,600

Analysis: The Eagles have allowed the second-most passing yards per game over their last 4, giving up 310 yards and 1 touchdown per game on average. The Eagles’ secondary is beyond banged up and has been battered and deep fried all season long by wide receivers. Watson is my main high-priced target in a game I feel goes over the projected O/U this week. I LOVE this game for upside and value and we start off with Watson, more players to come in cash.

Dak Prescott – Dallas Cowboys – $5,700

Analysis: I don’t think many people will play Dak this week in cash after that abysmal game against the Colts. But the Cowboys have known road struggles and get back to home cookin’ this week against the Bucs, who are allowing the 6th-most rushing yards to QBs in their last four. The Bucs have been a whipping post to offenses all season long and Dak returns to a stadium where he is averaging 7.5 more fantasy points per game, has 13 passing TDs compared to 4 on the road, only 3 INTs compared to 5 on the road and has averaged 262 yards passing per game compared to 214 on the road.

Nick Foles – Philadelphia Eagles – $4,700

Analysis: Yes Foles is back in our lives and led the Eagles to a victory over the high-powered Rams when no one expected it. Are we getting the 2017 Eagles back once again? God, I hope not, but for fantasy, we have to take them seriously as they are fighting for a playoff spot and division title this week when they host the Texans. Houston is 5th overall in fantasy points allowed to QBs in their last four, giving up 338 yards and 1.75 passing TDs per game in that stretch. Overall, the Eagles are underpriced at receiver in a dream passing draw for Philly.

Taylor Heinecke – Carolina Panthers – $4,000

Analysis: Cam Newton is a casualty to the injury report for Week 16. This gives us a min-salary QB with rushing ability in a premier spot with tons of motivation. Heinecke is unproven, yes, but his price and workload provide little risk and allows you to jam in players all over the board. The Falcons, Carolina’s opponent this week, is 8th in fantasy points allowed to QBs over their past four games, giving up 189 yards per game through the air, but allowing 1.75 passing TDs and 33 rushing yards per game in that span. Heinecke has the likes of speedy big-play gunners at wideout such as D.J. Moore, Curtis Samuel and Jarius Wright. Then he also has Christian McCaffrey to dump off to comfortably in short passing lanes/windows. The Panthers have an outside shot to make the playoffs, but a win keeps them in, so the motivation for the team to rally behind their backup QB is there. Heinecke also has motivation to prove he’s capable to be an NFL Qb. A win and/or playing well starts that talk for him.

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NFL – Cash Game Index – Week 15

There’s going to be a lot of news as we near the weekend that could drastically impact this week’s main slate. As of the time of this article being published, we still don’t have any word on James Conner vs. New England. Ben Roethlisberger’s ribs are banged up. Ryan Tannehill and Lamar Jackson suffered ankle […]

NFL – GPP Index – Week 14

Derrick. Henry. Four touchdowns on less than 15 carries and over 200 yards. Sitting on my bench in the fantasy playoffs…but there’s one silver lining, I have Henry in the quarterfinals of DRAFT’s Mini Best Ball Championship…and I am the only one who has him. Just gotta finish in the top three and move to […]

NFL – Cash Game Index – Week 14

I wasn’t able to play much volume this past weekend, so I decided to stay away from cash. Now I am two weeks removed from playing cash games.

I should be able to take a crack at it Sunday as Week 14 rolls in with a ton of value and allowing flexibility and a variety of ways to play your cash games this week.

We have a team playing their first game after a coaching change, a sweet spot for one of the league’s top offenses and the marquee matchup of the main slate when the Baltimore Ravens, the NFL’s top-rated defense, travels to Kansas City to take on the top offense in the league. Can you pull the trigger on Patrick Mahomes this week?

Running back and wide receiver are loaded with juicy matchups this week and they are loaded with value. Lots to talk about this week, so let’s get to it!


Drew Brees – New Orleans Saints – $6,600

Analysis: Drew Brees came away with his worst fantasy performance of the season against Dallas last time out. Now with extra rest, Brees has one of the best matchups on the board as the Saints travel to Tampa Bay. The Bucs have been getting torched on the ground of late, but still have one of the worst past defenses in all of football. They are fourth in fantasy points allowed to QBs, surrendering 292 yards and 2.33 passing TDs per game. Brees is averaging 271.8 yards and 2.5 TDs per game coming off his worst performance of the year.

Aaron Rodgers – Green Bay Packers – $6,000

Analysis: Overall, dollar for dollar, A-Rod is my favorite QB of the entire slate and likely my cash game QB unless I choose the next time to punt. Aaron Rodgers lost to the Cardinals on his birthday, but got a great gift with the firing of Mike McCarthy after the loss. The Packers seemingly look like they are washed for the playoffs, but they aren’t completely out. So we get at least one more week of full effort at home. The Packers welcome in the Falcons, who are second overall in fantasy points allowed to QBs this season. They give up an average of 273 yards and 2 touchdowns per game. Rodgers has some rushing ability and the Falcons are second in rushing yards allowed to QBs, too.

Mark Sanchez – Washington Redskins – $4,000

Analysis: Yes, butt fumble is a cash game play. Hear me out. He’s a price play, not a bet-on-talent play. The Redskins will likely want to run Adrian Peterson down the Giants’ throats, but the Giants’ offense isn’t inept, just their QB is and the Redskins have been getting drilled by RBs of late. I expect the Redskins to be playing from behind at some point, forcing Sanchez to throw. He can still scramble a bit for yards and can at least make plays at times. In cash, if you pair him with one of the two or both of the cheap RB values this week, you can play whoever the hell you want. That’s why he’s cash viable, a pure punt play to jam in studs in other positions.

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NFL – GPP Index – Week 13

The Chiefs cut Kareem Hunt, blowing the Week 13 slate wide open. Here’s the guys I like in tournaments this week. If you want to know who I like for cash games this week, please check out the Week 13 Cash Game Index.

This intro is short so that we can get down to business.


Patrick Mahomes – Kansas City Chiefs – $7,600

Analysis: We haven’t seen a price like this for a QB all season long and before the Kareem Hunt news, it almost seemed like too much based on the blowout potential. But this is the Chiefs, Mahomes is battling for an MVP and now they are without their best skill position player. It might be up to Mahomes to shoulder the load. A Chiefs onslaught is certainly in order this week against the Raiders, who are allowing an average of 2 touchdown passes per game.

Russell Wilson – Seattle Seahawks – $6,300

Analysis: We know the Seattle Seahawks will want to establish the run game, but the weakness of the 49ers is in the passing game, where they are allowing the 10th most fantasy points per game to QBs, allowing 269 yards and 2 TDs per game. Russell Wilson late in the regular season is almost a sure thing and he’s really establishing efficiency with Tyler Lockett and David Moore.

Aaron Rodgers – Green Bay Packers – $6,200

Analysis: I will be all in on Aaron Jones and benching Aaron Rodgers in my season long league because I love Aaron Jones so much. The Cardinals pass defense is solid and Patrick Peterson will do everything in his power to take out Davante Adams. I don’t think Rodgers will have to do much, but I will hedge my bets this week because of my love for Jones and benching of Rodgers.

Chase Daniel – Chicago Bears – $4,800

Analysis: We have another week without Mitch Trubisky, leaving veteran Chase Daniel to man Matt Nagy’s offense once again. Against a slow-paced Detroit team on Thanksgiving, Daniel threw 37 times for 230 yards and a couple of touchdowns for 19 DK fantasy points. This week his matchup is even better as he travels to New York to take on the Giants. The G-Men are allowing the yardage through the air, but are good at defending QB touchdown passes. Daniel has some ability to make things happen with his legs if need be and the Giants are third in rushing yards allowed to quarterbacks.

Jeff Driskell – Cincinnati Bengals – $4,500

Analysis: While he has a perceived tough matchup, Driskell will have a full complement of weapons this week as the Bengals host the Denver Broncos with playoff implications on the line. A.J. Green returns and Driskell provides a safer floor with his ability to tuck it and run. I really think he could be a cash game play, but he’s not going to be needed with all of the recent value that has opened up the past couple of days.

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NFL – Cash Game Index – Week 13

Now that we are done with Thanksgiving and tossed all the leftovers in the trash, we can get back to routine and normalcy.

It’s Week 13, the Cowboys and Saints have kicked things off in a big way, we have no buy weeks and the playoff picture will start rounding into form in the next few weeks.

Most importantly, season-long fantasy playoffs either are getting underway this week or you are hoping for one more win to get in next week.

We have some important decisions to make with two of the top scoring teams on this slate – Rams and Chiefs. But the Chiefs are in Oakland and are all priced up, making it hard to fit them in cash this week.

Meanwhile, the Rams are getting to square off against the lowly Detroit Lions on the road.

One thing we have to keep watch with this week are the injuries. There’s a slew of them that can impact builds this week. Keep an eye out, lock into Twitter and follow your favorite DFS or beat writers.

As for Week 13, let’s get it on.


Cam Newton – Carolina Panthers – $6,600

Analysis: I remember this spot, it’s the same one as a few weeks ago when Cam barely made cash game value as his team scored 4 rushing touchdowns. But we have it again as the Panthers travel to Tampa. The Bucs have been a porous defense against the pass, but in the past four weeks, teams have shelled them on the ground. Don’t let that output fool you here though. The Bucs have faced San Francisco, Washington and the New York Giants, none of whom can get anything going in the passing game this season. I think this is a sneaky shootout candidate with Carolina on the road and the Bucs should revert back to their old ways as the team giving up the fourth most fantasy points to QBs.

Andrew Luck – Indianapolis Colts – $5,800

Analysis: This is all I am going to write in this spot – Andrew Luck’s passing TDs from Week 4 to Week 13: 4, 3, 4, 4, 3, 3, 3, 3.

Kirk Cousins – Minnesota Vikings – $5,500

Analysis: I really loved the Vikings this week, but the injuries to Thielen and Diggs have me a little worried about Kirk Cousins, whose price seems so low for a matchup with the Patriots, who are allowing the seventh most fantasy points to QBs this season and allowing 269 yards passing per game.

Matthew Stafford – Detroit Lions – $5,400

Analysis: In their last four games, and granted one of them was against the Chiefs, the Rams – Detroit’s opponent this week – are allowing the most fantasy points per game to QBs, surrendering an average of 333 yards through the air and 4 TDs. Without Kerryon Johnson and a likely negative game script, all signs point to a potential huge day for Stafford who has one of the best up-and-coming receivers at his disposal.

Case Keenum – Denver Broncos – $5,200

Analysis: The Broncos are on the road this week to face the Bungals, who are giving up the second-most fantasy points to QBs over the past four weeks and are allowing 292 yards passing and 31 points per game this season. I think the Broncos are a sneaky team to stack this week and Keenum is in nearly the best possible matchup for a QB on this slate.

Marcus Mariota – Tennessee Titans – $5,200

Analysis: Another QB that seems to cheap this week, especially factoring in Mariota’s opponent – the New York Jets, who have been lit up at times by opposing QBs, giving up 300-yard passing games to Matthew Stafford, Case Keenum, Andrew Luck and almost Tom Brady last week. Mariota has been much better since getting healthy on his buy week, putting up fantasy totals of 24, 22, 4 and 25.

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CFB – Power 5 – Championship Week

1. Alabama
2. Clemson
3. Notre Dame
4. Georgia
5. Oklahoma
6. Ohio State
7. Michigan
8. UCF

If there were an 8-team playoff, the current college football rankings would look like this going into Championship Week.

A lot could happen this week to finalize who goes to the 4-team playoff, but there’s one thing that’s certain, win or lose, Alabama is getting in.

I hate to admit it, but how could they not get in, even if they lose? It happened last year, even though their loss was way early in the 2017 season.

And I didn’t want them in because of that, but they went and won the whole damn thing. Clemson is probably the only real team that could keep Bama from repeating. Michigan really screwed the pooch for getting smeared by Ohio State, otherwise ‘Bama would be sweating if they lose to Georgia in the SEC title game.

But if Georgia wins, and OU wins, then does OU get in? Or what about Ohio State, who has a 26-point loss to unranked Purdue as their only blemish?

I don’t think it really matters, ‘Bama is winning it all no matter what.

And here we have our last official regular season slate of the 2018 college football season, but no worries, there’s plenty of college football DFS left until January. Good luck in Championship Week!


Kyler Murray – Oklahoma – $10,300

Analysis: Averaging 38 fantasy points per game, we have the best fantasy QB of the slate in a rematch against bitter rival Texas, who the Sooners fell to on a last-second kick back in October. It’s hard to beat a team twice in one season and I am sure that Oklahoma will be firing on all cylinders this time around. This game has the highest total on the board and you better believe you will see lots of ownership of players in this game. Murray does it all and he’s who you should be starting your lineup construction with this week.

Sam Ehlinger – Texas – $9,000

Analysis: It’s going to be really hard to stack this game up and down, especially if you use Murray and Ehlinger in your lineups. Two quarterbacks is a sound strategy to winning a slate. Ehlinger is in a prime blowup spot once again against OU as the Sooners have surrendered 40 points in 4 straight games, and all were wins. He put up a 40-burger in their first meeting and with a mediocre running game, the Longhorns will be throwing to keep up in this one.

Tua Tagolvailoa – Alabama – $8,600

Analysis: I don’t think I’ve recommended Tua all year long because he hasn’t had to play a full game in most weeks. That hasn’t stopped him from getting there most of the time either. Now he’s at his cheapest price and facing his toughest defense to date. Clearly, this is a GPP only play, but this Alabama-Georgia game somehow has a 63.5 total, which seems awfully high considering bowl squads have awesome defenses. Tua has a slew of likely first-round draft picks at wide receiver and he can make things happen with his legs. He’s matchup proof. I’m finally convinced. (#hotdogjinx)

Darriel Mack, Jr. – UCF – $6,800

Analysis: Poor McKenzie Milton’s football days might be over after a devastating knee injury in UCF’s final regular season game. Now the team will play in another rematch against Memphis, in which UCF won by one point. With their quarterback and captain and 23-game undefeated streak on their minds, I look for UCF to rally around new QB Darriel Mack, who is more of a runner than a passer it appears. This game has one of the highest totals on the board, but I am not so sure that’s as warranted considering the lack of passing UCF has done in the two games Mack has played this season. Memphis gives up yards and points through the air and on the ground, it’s Mack’s rushing ability (171 yards in two appearances) coupled with his price that makes me want to go all in. Any TDs through the air are just bonuses.

Chase Garbers – California – $5,300

Analysis: This is a pure punt play based on matchup. Stanford and Cal meet in the PAC-12 title game, and it’s Cal that has the stout defense this season. Stanford’s one weakness defensively is defending the pass, where opponents are averaging 281.7 yards passing per game. Garbers has mobility and a rushing floor/ceiling. But he gets the extra boost in the passing game thanks to Stanford’s soft secondary.

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NFL – Value Index – Week 12 (Sunday Edition)

I am still in a food coma.

And while Thanksgiving football was somewhat of a letdown, the day of food, family and football was still awesome. The hangover of the Rams/Chiefs game may still be lingering a bit as well.

But before we dive into my favorite plays of the week, I would like to announce that I believe it’s time to do something about this Thanksgiving football tradition.

The Cowboys and Lions play every year on Thanksgiving, but the Lions have got to go.

They are annually bad, perennially bad and yet we have to be force fed their game every Thursday on Thanksgiving.

The NFL needs to change this up. Leave the Cowboys alone, they are a prime draw no matter what.

But let’s flex the other two games. I love having 3 games and watching one game after another, but Thanksgiving could be even more awesome if you had some of the top teams playing each other on this particular day every year.

They flex the Bears around so they have to play a late night Sunday game and then an early Thursday, so why not make these two games flexible and change them up a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving.

Watching the Lions every year is the about as nut low as you can get. But why not have a game like Rams/Chiefs or something competitive, every year?

Anyway, that’s my spiel, now let’s get to the meal.

There’s no cash game index this week, just an overall Value Index since we had a Thanksgiving write up and not a ton of time to publish two separate articles.

I won’t be playing cash this week because of the bankroll I played Thursday, and will be my lowest volume slate of the year. Things will go back to normal in Week 13.


Carson Wentz – QB – Philadelphia Eagles – $5,900

Analysis: After a dud against the Saints, I am on the Carson Wentz train this week. In fact, I may not play another quarterback. The Giants are allowing 256 yards passing per game and 26 points per game. Prolific passing offenses have destroyed the Giants this season, including over 350 yards by the Buccaneers’ two QBs last week. This is just a fantastic bounce back spot for Wentz, who has been Mr. Consistency all season long.

Lamar Jackson – QB – Baltimore Ravens – $5,700

Analysis: But then there are plays like Lamar Jackson, who should get the reigns once again this week for an injured Joe Flacco. He rushed for an NFL record 26 times for 119 yards and was 13-for-19 passing. Now he draws the Oakland Raiders, the league’s worst team. giving up 29 points per game.

Russell Wilson – QB – Seattle Seahawks – $5,600

Analysis: This is one of the games with sneaky shootout potential. Russell Wilson is a big-time player in November in his career, but the only thing holding him back is the Seahawks’ run-first mentality. However, Carolina has been susceptible to the pass, giving up 253 yards passing per game. Wilson always has a rushing floor and upside and he will find a way to get the ball to all of his weapons. My only reserve here is a West Coast team traveling East for a 1 p.m. game.

Baker Mayfield – QB – Cleveland Browns – $5,500

Analysis: Baker Mayfield continues his torrid trek through the softest part of his schedule. This week he gets the Cincinnati Bengals, who have allowed the most fantasy points to QBs this season. This game has a total of 47.5 points, the Bengals allow almost 300 yards passing per game and are surrendering 31 points per game.

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CFB – Power 5 – Week 13

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you get your fill of turkey, ham, gravy, pie, whatever you favor on Turkey Day! This is a busy time of the year for sports, with the big Thanksgiving Day NFL slate, big football games on Friday night and then the last full week of the college football regular season […]