MLB DFS – On the Hill – June 11th

Short on time for Friday’s 13-game MLB DFS slate, so today’s “On the Hill” article will include only my top pitchers and stacks without the write-ups. As such, it will also be free. Enjoy and have a good weekend!

MLB DFS – On the Hill – June 10th

Just a six-pack of MLB action on a Thursday evening DFS slate. With the small slate, I’d recommend not trying to get too cute with your lineups as there are some obvious pitchers to use and teams to stack. Maybe try to get a little bit unique with the players in your stacks instead of the teams you are stacking tonight.

MLB DFS – On the Hill – June 9th

There are a dozen games on a Wednesday night MLB DFS slate which includes a must-have Ace and some strong value pitching options. There is also one game stack that has piqued my interest and shouldn’t be too highly owned.

MLB DFS – On the Hill – June 8th

We went from a barren MLB slate on Monday to a full 15-game docket on Tuesday. Plenty of good options on the hill to consider using. Meanwhile, at the plate, ownership should be spread out, so find your favorite teams to stack and let it rip!

MLB DFS – On the Hill – June 4th

A full 15-game MLB slate on Friday night provides a ton of strong options both on the hill and at the plate. See which Pitchers and Stacks top the list for your DFS lineups.

MLB DFS – On the Hill – June 3rd

Thursday night brings an eight-game MLB DFS slate to analyze. Looks like a night to spend up on pitching, so I’ll include some value stacks to consider pairing with a high-priced ace or two.

MLB DFS – On the Hill – June 2nd

The Wednesday night MLB slate features eight games on the diamond. We could go right back to the same stacks that failed us last night, or we can shake things up a bit. See which pitchers to use and which ones to attack with stacks.

MLB DFS – On the Hill – June 1st

Get ready for a full 14-game MLB DFS main slate on Tuesday night with the top pitchers and stacks to consider for your Cash and GPP lineups.

MLB DFS – On the Hill – May 28th

We have a dozen games on the diamond around the baseball for Friday night’s DFS slate. Despite the big slate, there are not a lot of pitchers that I like, so it could be a “Double Ace” night on two-pitcher sites, at least in Cash games. Some potential bad weather spots could be an issue or work to our advantage depending on how the weather breaks.

MLB DFS – On the Hill – May 27th

There are only six games on the Thursday night slate and one of them looks like it could be rained out (Orioles/White Sox), so keep an eye on the weather reports. The White Sox bats are strong options if it plays, but my list of stacks below will ignore that game and give three alternative options.

MLB DFS – On the Hill – May 26th

With nine games on a Wednesday night MLB slate, look for DFS ownership to be pretty spread out on the GPP hitter stacks. On the pitching side, there are a pair of high-priced Aces to consider and some strong options in the mid-range.

MLB DFS – On the Hill – May 25th

It feels like Opening Day for Tuesday’s MLB slate with a flood of Ace pitching options on the hill. Yet, there are also some strong value options to consider pairing with the ace of your choice. Stacks on the other hand are a little bit more difficult to find with so much good pitching on the DFS slate.