CFB seems to fly by faster than any season. This happens because it’s the shortest of the seasons that we cover here at Daily Overlay but, nonetheless, I’m shocked at how fast it goes! It was a blast having CFB back in the DFS fold for 2018 and I hope that DraftKings and FanDuel continue the college sports love moving forward.

On to the business, we had a champion to declare on Championship Week. That champion happened to be found right here within these walls. Greg and I combined forces this season on our DO Single Pick and managed to come away with the crown. You may think making one selection is easy…and it’s easier than making a laundry list of them. However, a couple bad picks in a row can completely crater your score. We were able to avoid too many pitfalls and Sam Ehlinger salted away things for us. Anywho, enough of that and on with the Championship Week recap.

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Be sure to come back each week for a review of the Industry Consensus picks highlighting the top (and bottom) grades for the week and season from the experts we are tracking.

On to the Week 14 recap and final grades, class is in session!

Consensus Recap – Week 14

The Consensus finished the season with a solid week of scores. A 3.11 score positioned the Consensus in 9th out of the 15 experts that submitted selections.

Overall (Score: 3.11 / Rank 9th out of 15) – Seven of the 28 total plays finished with an “A” or better grade. That included “A+” grades from Dwayne Haskins, Darriel Mack Jr, Darrell Henderson, Greg McCrae, CeeDee Lamb and Collin Johnson.

Head of the Class – Week 14

Each week I will highlight a few of the top experts for the week. Here are the experts that deserve a “gold star” for Week 14 based on their cumulative grades for all players they touted this week. Overall, the scores were right on par with last week.

#1) Daily Overlay Single Pick (Score: 5.00) topped the list again with an “A” grade from Sam Ehlinger.

#2) DFS Karma (Score: 4.60) finished in the top-2 as they score two “A+” grades from their five plays. Those “A+” scores came from Henderson and Mack Jr.

#3) DailyFantasySportsRankings (Score: 4.17) scored a top-3 spot as two of the six selections scored an “A+” grade. Mack Jr and McCrae were who they utilized to pick up those perfect scores.

Head of the Class – Week 14 (By Position)

Sometimes there is just that one class that you excel in. In this section, I will highlight who the top experts were at each position for Week 13.

QB – RG Lineup Builder, DailyFantasySportsRankings, DFS Karma (6.50) all picked up “A+” and “B” grades with their two picks.

RB – ProFootballFocus (5.75) scored “A+” grades from Henderson and McCrae on their way to the top RB score.

WR – Fantasy Alarm (4.50) scored an “A” or better with five of their 12 plays at the position including “A+” grades from Lamb, Isaac Nuata, Chris Olave and Johnnie Dixon. FA was the lone expert site to recommend playing Nuata, Olave and Dixon!

Study Time – Week 14

If we are going to give a gold star to the top experts of the week, we also need to determine which experts might need to put in some extra study time to pull up those grades. Here are the Week 14 experts that didn’t make the grade this week.

  • Rotoworld (Score: 2.18) scored much higher than last week but still found themselves in the bottom-2.
  • Sportsline (Score: 1.50) made it back-to-back weeks in the cellar to cap the season.

Extra Credit – Week 14

In this section, I will look to give some extra credit to experts that received an A+ grade for a player where they were the lone expert to recommend. Week 14 extra credit goes to the following:

A+ – D’Andre Swift (DailyRoto)
A+ – Isaac Nuate (Fantasy Alarm)
A+ – Chris Olave (Fantasy Alarm)
A+ – Johnnie Dixon (Fantasy Alarm)

Head of the Class – Season

Here are the top experts in the Overall Standings for the 2018 season. Our in-house Single Pick took home the prize for the top expert. Kudos to Greg and myself for that honor!

#1) DailyOverlay Single Pick (Score: 4.20) picked up an “A” from Sam Ehlinger to salt away the season-long championship.

#2) DFS Karma (Score: 4.08) put together several solid weeks down the stretch to finish as the only other expert above 4.0.

#3) RG CFB Marketplace Projections (Score: 3.91) took a bit of a hit in the final week but stayed in the top-3 for the season.

#4) RG Consensus (Score: 3.69) had a solid 2018 CFB season to finish well inside the top-5.

#5) Sporting News (Score: 3.59) rounds out the top-5 sitting comfortably in that #5 spot.

The DailyOverlay Industry Consensus finished in 12th place in the overall standings out of 26 experts with a DO score of 3.01.

Thanks for reading all season long. We look forward to providing some additional CFB content throughout the bowl season.

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