*** I’m using DraftKings’ pricing, so the picks will be geared towards that site.  But assuming there isn’t a major difference in salary, these plays can be used anywhere.  And as always, make sure to check for the latest injury news and lineup changes. ***

SG James Harden $10,600 v. Suns

If you’re going to spend up, I’d go with Harden.  It’ll be an uptempo game, and the Phoenix defense leaves much to be desired.  There’s a possibility that Clint Capela gets inserted into the starting lineup in place of Corey Brewer, and that shifts a little bit more of the offensive load towards Harden.

C Andre Drummond $8,100 v. Wizards

The Wizards are playing at a quicker pace this year, and that means more opportunities for Andre Drummond to rack up rebounds, blocks, etc.  Although it’s only a slightly positive match-up for opposing centers when facing Washington, the price is right for Drummond at only $8,100.

SG Nicolas Batum $7,400 v. Bucks

Jeremy Lin should start tonight, and Al Jefferson will be available off the bench.  Both of those factors should work against Batum, but it remains a good match-up v. Milwaukee at a reasonable price.  He’s posted 45+ FP in three of his last four, and I like his chances of getting 40+ tonight.

PF Derrick Favors $7,000 v. Celtics

It’s the second game of a back-to-back for Utah, but Favors was in foul trouble last night and played limited minutes.  He should be good to go tonight against a Celtic front line that hemorrhages points to opposing PFs.  Also, Boston likes to go small, and that may shift a few mins from Gobert to Favors.  At only $7,000, it’s not hard to envision him going for 7x value.

SF Danilo Gallinari $6,900 v. Kings

You should always try to target players against the Kings, and Gallinari represents the best option going for Denver tonight.  He should see 36+ minutes, is the #1 option on offense, and can fill up a box score in a variety of ways.  There’s a lot of value at SF tonight, but there aren’t many players, regardless of position, with more upside than the Rooster tonight.

SF Rudy Gay $6,600 v. Nuggets

Omri Casspi and Marco Belinelli are both doubtful for tonight, and if they miss, that means increased minutes for Rudy Gay.  Even if those two suit up, Gay should see 35+ minutes.  But if the injury report shakes out in his favor, you’re probably looking at 40+.  Major minutes + weak Denver defense + only $6,600 = I will take all the Rudy Gay I can get.

PG Reggie Jackson $6,500 v. Wizards

Brandon Jennings was shipped out at the deadline, so Reggie should see a slight bump in minutes tonight (I’m expecting around 32-33).  As mentioned earlier, the Wizards play at a quick pace, and it’s an OK match-up for Jackson.  What I really like here is the price.  Jackson has been a little bit of a disappointment this season, which should keep his ownership down, but he retains that 50 FP upside.

PG Tony Parker $4,800 v. Lakers

At $4,800, Tony Parker could pay off his salary by the end of the third quarter, and he might need to do just that (Spurs are 11-point road favorites).  This is more of a GPP play, as the minutes are in serious jeopardy, but PG against the Lakers is a go-to move.  I’m willing to chance it.

PF Amar’e Stoudemire $4,200 v. Hawks

Chris Bosh is out for the foreseeable future, Chris Andersen has been shipped off to Memphis, and Hassan Whiteside is serving a one-game suspension.  It’s time to load up on Amar’e.  He’s been averaging roughly a full fantasy point per minute this season, and he should see 24-28 minutes.  Stoudemire is a lock for 6x value IMO.

SF Mirza Teletovic $4,000 v. Rockets

Markieff Morris was traded to Washington, and Mirza Teletovic should be the primary beneficiary (at least tonight).  He’s been playing roughly 20 mpg of late, but I expect that number to creep towards 28 against the Rockets.  Opposing SFs have seen over a 10% bump to their FPPM production this season, and I have Mirza down for 30 FP tonight.  If he gets the requisite 24 minutes, he will pay off his salary.

PF Brandon Bass $4,000 v. Spurs

This one should be a blowout, and Bass has been eating away at Hibbert’s minutes as is.  Byron Scott loves his veterans, and I expect Bass to see about 30 minutes off the bench in this one.  If you need to save a little money at PF, Bass is a nice option.

SF Dante Cunningham $3,200 v. 76ers

Cunningham’s minutes in his last four games: 31, 29, 29, and 27.  What kind of impact does a match-up with the 76ers have on opposing SF production?  Just under a 15% boost.  Yes, he’s only a .6 FP/min player, but his minutes, match-up, and price make him an excellent value.

SF Kyle Anderson $3,100 v. Lakers

Kawhi Leonard is doubtful, so Anderson should be locked into 28 minutes or so tonight.  If you can get a .8 FP/min scorer playing 28 minutes against the Lakers at only $100 above the minimum, you should probably take him.

Good luck!