Signup for the $500 freeroll by clicking here to sign up for FantasyHub .  Here is the link to the freeroll.

FantasyHub is a great new site that gives back 5% to charity and you get to choose your charity to give to (and they have a lot).   Plus they have some great athlete charity contests that usually have between 10-100 entrants where you can win some great swag.    They are really breaking the mold and differentiating themselves.   As they build, I could even see them getting some political support due to the amount of contribution to charity they will be able to make.    However, just like all the other DFS sites, you can make some nice cash for yourself!

Also, if you do sign up for this and also happen to play on DraftKings, we will even give you access to our beta version of our Exposure tool that is a chrome plugin.   For multi-lineups it shows you your exposure and recalculates for every lineup you enter.  Just email us at and let us know you signed up.




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  1. […] our beta version of the Exposure tool, which is a cool Chrome plugin for DraftKings. Head over to this article for more details of the promo and be sure to sign up before the NFL freeroll on […]

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