NFL preseason is fully underway, but we still have few weeks until the start of the season to concentrate on what’s left of the MLB season.

Tonight we 14 games in the majors, a game at Coors, some solid pitching options, but I honestly am not crazy about very many stacks today. A few stick out and some one-offs, too, but even Coors doesn’t have me licking my chops.

There is one stack that I am in love with, the rest on today’s menu I like a lot, but the one is where I will be heavily targeting my lineups. 

So, let’s get to it!


  1. Eduardo Escobar
  2. David Peralta
  3. Paul Goldschmidt

Analysis: Great American Smallpark + Anthony DeSclafani = fantasy goodness. DeSclafani is a flood gate of fantasy points for lefty bats, but he’s been knocked around by some righties, including Goldy, who in a small sample size is 6-for-8 with two doubles, a home run, 3 RBIs and a steal. Escobar hasn’t faced him and Peralta is 3-for-6. Against lefties this season, DeSclafani (I despise typing his name by the way), owns a .411 wOBA, 3.41 HR/9 rate and a 1.45 WHIP with a 5.35 xFIP. You also get Arizona on the road so a bonus for an added AB for the top of the order, and the Reds bullpen doesn’t get much better than their starting pitching.


  1. Andrew Benintendi
  2. Mookie Betts
  3. Rafael Devers
  4. Brock Holt

Analysis: The Red Sox are clicking again and Mookie Betts is coming off a cycle Thursday night. If Brock Holt cracks the lineup, he’s a solid value play. Boston gets Dylan Bundy tonight and he’s been a loose cannon to lefties this season, too, a lot like DeSclafani. Against lefties, he’s allowed a .371 wOBA, 1.75 HR/9 and a 5.11 xFIP. Outside of Betts, who might be the best hitter in baseball, we are targeting lefties against Bundy tonight. The Super Nintendo owns a .411 wOBA, .214 ISO and 31% hard contact against RH pitching. He’s also 8-for-23 with 2 doubles, 1 triples, with 1 HR and a walk. Devers owns a .332 wOBA, .215 ISO and 36% hard contact. Holt doesn’t have sparkling numbers against RH pitching, but he is 6-for-11 with 2 doubles and 2 RBI against Bundy. Also, the Red Sox are the road team, so again, extra ABs possible here.


  1. Giancarlo Stanton
  2. Gleyber Torres
  3. Miguel Andujar
  4. Aaron Hicks

Analysis: Here’s the stack I love tonight. Headed by lefty crusher Giancarlo Stanton, the Yankees take on Rangers lefty Mike Minor, whom Stanton has 4 HRs in 21 ABs and 8 walks against Minor. He’s also got a .459 wOBA, .352 ISO and 59% hard contact rate. Torres owns a .401 wOBA, .278 ISO and 51% hard contact against lefties. Hicks sports a .384 wOBA, .337 ISO and 52% hard contact rate. Andujar owns a .341 wOBA, .245 ISO and 34% hard hit rate. Against RH bats this season, Minor owns a .331 wOBA, 40% hard contact rate and a 1.59 HR/9 rate.


  1. Lorenzo Cain
  2. Jesus Aguilar
  3. Mike Moustakas
  4. Eric Thames
  5. Christian Yelich

Analysis: The Brewers are 9th in the majors in team wOBA against RH pitching. Today they go up against Kevin Gausman in hitter-friendly SunTrust Park. Gausman has typically been a reverse-splits pitcher in his career, but he’s been giving it up to both sides of the plate in 2018. Against lefties, Gausman owns a .343 wOBA, 1.41 HR/9 rate and a 4.52 xFIP while against lefties, he sports a .347 wOBA, 1.51 HR/9 rate and 3.81 xFIP. The Brewers are another stackable team that has lots of power, and there’s a good chance this stack flies under the radar. These guys have ISOs of .200 or better against righties except Cain who does own a .333 wOBA, has a 12% walk rate and 36% hard contact. Everyone else on this list smokes RH pitching.

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