NBA DFS – Hot Sheet – March 11

There is a six-pack of NBA action on the hardwood Wednesday night. Looks like it could be a “Stars and Scars” night if some players are ruled out.

NBA DFS – Hot Sheet – March 10

Get ready for the nine-game NBA slate on Tuesday night with the NBA Hot Sheet matrix and my Droppin’ Dimes top DFS plays.

NBA DFS – Hot Sheet – March 3

Tuesday in the NBA there is an eight-game slate on the docket. Due to some time constraints, my NBA Hot Sheet will take on an abbreviated look for the rest of the season with just the Positional Hot Sheet and my top DFS Droppin’ Dimes picks without the writeup.

NBA DFS – Hot Sheet – March 2

Monday has a seven-game NBA DFS slate to start off the week. There are some good game environments with high Vegas totals and tight lines to take advantage of along with some injury news that should open up increased opportunity and value on the slate. It is looking like a good night for a fairly balanced lineup construction.

NBA DFS – Hot Sheet – February 28

A big 10-game slate in the Association on Friday night. There is a lot of strong DFS plays in the mid-priced range which makes this a great slate to take a balanced lineup approach.

NBA DFS – Hot Sheet – February 26

Things are setting up nicely for a high scoring NBA DFS night on Wednesday’s nine-game slate. There are a few injuries opening up value and some players who are currently on a hot streak while outperforming their salary that we can take advantage of. So, buckle up it could be a wild night of NBA DFS!

NBA DFS – Hot Sheet – February 25

While Monday’s NBA slate was littered with value options, it appears that Tuesday’s seven-game slate on the hardwood is going to be a challenge to find strong value plays. So, my DFS Droppin’ Dimes picks are a little bit more top-heavy than usual with the hopes that some value presents itself as we approach tipoff.

NBA DFS – Hot Sheet – February 24

There is value galore available on Monday’s eight-game NBA slate. With key players out in Philadelphia, Miami, and Memphis there is an opportunity for increased playing time and use for numerous players to outproduce their salary and typical production. So, it looks like an ideal night for a “Stars and Scars” approach to lineup construction.

NBA DFS – Hot Sheet – February 21

With nine games on the Friday night NBA slate, there are plentiful options for your DFS lineups. I have done my best to trim the list down to my top 10 DFS options and included a few freebies that just missed the cut.

NBA DFS – Hot Sheet – February 20

The NBA All-Star break was entertaining and gave me a chance to recharge for the final stretch of the NBA DFS season. Thursday night starts us off with a modest six-game slate on the hardwood which offers up a ton of strong DFS options at every price level. Find out which players made the Droppin’ Dimes top plays of the night.

NBA DFS – Hot Sheet – February 12

Despite the big 11-game NBA slate on Wednesday night, there weren’t too many DFS plays that jumped off the page. Other than Giannis Antetokounmpo missing another game there doesn’t seem to be much injury news to monitor. Of course, that can change in a blink of an eye so be sure to watch it.

NBA DFS – Hot Sheet – February 11

With a small five-game NBA slate on the hardwood Tuesday night, I’ll give away a free NBA Hot Sheet that only lists my top picks without a writeup. Enjoy!