NBA DFS – Hot Sheet – January 18th

As we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. today, the NBA delivers a variety of action throughout the day. This article will focus on the four-game evening slate, where there is a bunch of high-priced studs. Unfortunately, we just jam them all in since there doesn’t appear to be much value available. So, I’ll pick my favorites to pay up in DFS lineups.

NBA DFS – Hot Sheet – January 15th

The Friday night eight-game slate is a tough nut to crack even as I sit here writing this in the middle of the afternoon. We are still waiting on more news out of Boston regarding who will be active as they attempt to play their first game in a week. Without much in the way of confirmed value that we can use in DFS lineups, my current Droppin’ Dimes has a balanced lineup look to it.

NBA DFS – Hot Sheet – January 14th

The Thursday NBA slate has five games on the docket. It is another night with a bunch of strong value options, especially in Houston and Miami as both clubs are shorthanded.

NBA DFS – Hot Sheet – January 13th

Another day with more games postponed due to COVID around the NBA on Wednesday leaves us with a seven-game slate. There are still plenty of high-priced studs to consider and some injury news to watch that could open up some strong value options when building DFS lineups.

NBA DFS – Hot Sheet – January 12th

It could be a wild night of DFS in the NBA on Tuesday for hopefully a six-game slate. The biggest questions are around the first game of the night between the Sixers and the Heat as both teams are short-handed due to COVID and injuries. Assuming that the game plays there are plenty of options to use in your DFS lineups. Keep a close eye on the news leading up to tipoff.

NBA DFS – Hot Sheet – January 11th

An eight-game seven-game NBA DFS slate (Mavericks/Pelicans postponed) to start the week and there are a lot of injuries and COVID news around the league that will impact Monday’s slate. The main places to look are with the Sixers and Wizards which is where there are both value and high-priced studs to consider.

NBA DFS – Hot Sheet – January 8th

There is a big 10-game slate on the NBA hardwood for Friday night. I only had time for an express “quick picks” version of the Hot Sheet for today. The DFS Droppin’ Dimes picks are based primarily on the Hot Sheet matrix and injury news.

NBA DFS – Hot Sheet – January 7th

While it is just a small five-game NBA slate on Thursday night, there are a lot of question marks on who will suit up and who will get the night off. So, I’m expecting it to be a Stars and Scars lineup construction night, but it is are to zero in on exactly who those players will be. So, be ready to pivot to value options who end up starting and jam in as many high-priced studs as possible.

NBA DFS – Hot Sheet – January 6th

There is a big 11-game NBA slate on Wednesday night. However, despite the big slate, there aren’t any confirmed big-name stars ruled out yet to open up value. So, as of this writing, my focus will be on building a balanced lineup full of high upside options. That said, make sure you pay attention to the news, especially with the Clippers which could open up some value plays.

NBA DFS – Hot Sheet – January 5th

NBA DFS Picks – January 5th Tuesday brings us a small five-game slate on the NBA hardwood. According to Vegas, we should be on the lookout for some potential blowouts as only one game has a line under eight points. There is some “injury”…

NBA DFS – Hot Sheet – January 4th

A new week brings a nine-game slate on Monday night in the NBA. We could be without a couple of superstars (James Harden and Luka Doncic) tonight which will open up some value options should be sure to keep an eye on the injury news leading up to tipoff.

NBA DFS – Hot Sheet – January 1st

Happy New Year to everyone! The NBA starts off the new year with a big 10-game slate on Friday night. The big slate offers a ton of DFS options, but I have managed to whittle it down to my top 10 plays of the night.