NFL Hot Sheet – Week 4 – 2022

NFL DFS Hot Sheet – Week 4 The theme for this weekend when it is all said and done will be Redemption Week. There are numerous players who haven’t lived up to the preseason hype and expectations that I think will make a statement this weekend…

NFL Hot Sheet – Week 3 – 2022

I hope you took my advice to use a Dolphins double stack in GPPs last week. While we don’t have a similar spot this week, the Week 3 main slate on Sunday is filled with high-flying offenses and high Vegas totals. There are a bunch of different ways you can go with your DFS lineups which should keep ownership fairly low across the board. So, be sure to lock in your favorite options and check out who I’m rolling with this week.

NFL Hot Sheet – Week 2 – 2022

NFL DFS Hot Sheet – Week 2 It was great to see the NFL back in action last week and to start to get an idea of team tendencies and player usage. That said, don’t let one week completely reshape our impression of players and teams. The Week…

NFL Hot Sheet – Week 1 – 2022

NFL DFS Hot Sheet – Week 1 NFL is back and so is the DFS Hot Sheet for another season! The Hot Sheet uses statistical analysis to highlight the most favorable matchups to attack when building your DFS lineups. The Top Plays section lists…

NFL Hot Sheet – Divisional Round

Time for the Divisional Round of the playoffs which should provide a lot of fun and exciting games for the sports fan and DFS player. There are plenty of ways you can go when building Cash or GPP lineups this weekend on either a two-game or…

NFL Hot Sheet – Wild Card Weekend

Wild Card weekend offers up a six-pack of NFL action spread across three days. The Hot Sheet will provide options to consider that span across all six games that you can use to mix and match to fit whatever slate(s) you plan to play. It should be a fun weekend!

NFL Hot Sheet – Week 18 – 2021

When analyzing this week for DFS is more about which teams and players have something to play for than it is who has the best matchups. Here is the list of teams that are fighting for either a playoff spot or playoff position in Week 18: Colts, Titans, Steelers, Ravens, Buccaneers, Patriots, Saints, Bills, 49ers, Rams, and Cardinals. Players from these teams should make up most of your DFS lineups (especially in Cash games).

NFL Hot Sheet – Week 17 – 2021

A big 14-game Sunday main slate of NFL DFS action in Week 17. Plenty of options to consider at each position, see which ones made the Hot Sheet list.

NFL Hot Sheet – Week 16 – 2021

Hopefully, the chaos of Week 15 doesn’t repeat itself this week. My research for the Week 16 main slate zeroed in on a core group of players to consider in both Cash and GPP lineups. I hope everyone has a great holiday!

NFL Hot Sheet – Week 15 – 2021

With so much news around the NFL this week, enjoy a free NFL Hot Sheet for the now nine-game Sunday main slate.

NFL Hot Sheet – Week 14 – 2021

Week 14 has a lot of question marks as I write this article on Friday morning. There are injury and Covid news that still needs to be clarified in a variety of places such as the Broncos backfield, the Chargers wideouts, and the 49ers skill positions. Watch the news feed to how those situations pan out before getting too comfortable with your DFS lineups.

NFL Hot Sheet – Week 13 – 2021

On to lucky Week 13 of the NFL season. The biggest question to answer this week when building DFS lineups is how many high-priced running backs do you use? The answer to that question will greatly affect your lineup construction.