NFL Hot Sheet – Week 12 – 2020

The NFL Week 12 Sunday main slate is very intriguing with plenty of potential high-scoring shootouts and a bunch of injury and COVID news to watch as we approach kickoff. With so many good options at every position it is hard to fit them all into your Cash game lineup, but it shapes up as a great week for GPPs.

NFL Hot Sheet – Thanksgiving – 2020

NFL DFS Picks & Best Bets (Thanksgiving) Nothing beats Thanksgiving Day with food, family (social distanced), and football. Unfortunately, word just broke that the Steelers/Ravens game on Thursday night has been postponed, which drops us…

NFL Hot Sheet – Week 11 – 2020

The Sunday main slate in Week 11 is going to be very interesting with some expected chalk (Swift) getting ruled out, Taysom Hill announced as the starter for the Saints, and without marquee team/players on the slate such as the Cardinals, Seahawks, Chiefs, Raiders, Bucs, and Rams. So, where do we go? Find out in the NFL Hot Sheet.

NFL Hot Sheet – Week 10 – 2020

It’s time for another week of the NFL Hot Sheet as we get ready for an 11-game main slate on Sunday. There are some intriguing matchups with high-scoring potential on the docket including the Bills/Cardinals and Seahawks/Rams tilts which will both draw a lot of attention. Hopefully, I have provided some potential pivots or diamonds in the rough to consider to make even your chalky lineups a little more unique.

NFL Hot Sheet – Week 9 – 2020

As we enter Week 9 the NFL regular season crosses the halfway point already. This week seems like a pretty straight forward week of who are the top plays and games to utilize for your Cash game lineups. Be sure to make some pivots in your GPP lineups away from the chalk and don’t rely on last week’s results to dictate who you play and how you build your lineup for this week.

NFL Hot Sheet – Week 8 – 2020

There is a lot of variables to monitor for NFL Week 8 with injuries and weather that could impact the DFS slate. The weather (winds primarily) could come into play in Green Bay, Chicago, Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Buffalo. I don’t like to put too much emphasis on weather impacting fantasy production so there are still plenty of players and spots to use in those games but you might not want to stack up both teams passing games and instead pivot to the players that could benefit from windy conditions.

NFL Hot Sheet – Week 7 – 2020

We have a retro Sunday Main slate thanks to the time switch between the Bucs/Raiders and Seahawks/Cardinals games which puts both games on the slate including the Sunday night matchup. I actually prefer this setup with the late-night hammer game also gives you a little more time to make any last-minute late swaps to maximize your potential positive outcomes. This week the Hot Sheet delivers the usual top DFS plays at each position along with a long list of Best Bets as I look to ride a hot streak.

NFL Hot Sheet – Week 6 – 2020

It looks like it might be a tough week for NFL DFS in Week 6 with a couple of COVID scares to monitor and a lot of high-powered offenses not on the Sunday main slate due to byes or Monday night matchups. So, be sure to stay flexible and be willing to roster opportunity and talent over matchup in some cases.

NFL Hot Sheet – Week 5 – 2020

Now that we are past the quarter mark of the season, the NFL Hot Sheet has stopped feathering in last year’s status and completely converted over to using this year’s stats only. The Week 5 Sunday main slate is dwindling with two games getting postponed so far bringing the total down to 10 games. There are still plenty of options available to use in Cash game and GPP stacks, so see who I recommend in this week’s Hot Sheet!

NFL Hot Sheet – Week 4 – 2020

There are a lot of high Vegas totals on Sunday’s 12-game (minus Steelers/Titans matchup) slate. A total of seven matchups feature a Vegas total of at least 51 points which should give us plenty of players who will produce big fantasy days. It will also help spread out ownership not only in GPPs but also in Cash games.

NFL Hot Sheet – Week 3 – 2020

If Week 2 was “injury week”, then I think Week 3 will be “I didn’t see that coming” week. The first two weeks have been a little bit too predictable with games that were projected to be high scoring shooting out and chalky DFS plays performing well, for the most part. Week 3 could be the week where the NFL reminds us that we don’t know everything.

NFL Hot Sheet – Week 2 – 2020

It was a fun first week of NFL action and know we have some insights into what player’s roles will be and what coaches’ tendencies are. That said, we need to be careful to not put too much stock in the Week 1 results and hold onto some of our beliefs that we had coming into the season, even if they didn’t pan out opening weekend. So, with that let’s take a look at the Week 2 Hot Sheet with my top DFS plays, and Best Bets.