Turkey and football.  That was what my Thanksgiving weekend was full of and I bet yours was too.  I believe I said last week that the Friday after Thanksgiving is probably my favorite college football day of the year.  When I was growing up, it was always Nebraska vs Colorado and LSU vs Arkansas that I looked forward to.  Now, those traditional rivalry games have been replaced.  Nebraska now plays Iowa and Arkansas battles Mizzou.  For those of you a generation older than me, you likely remember the classic Nebraska vs Oklahoma games on Thanksgiving.

The experts had a nice bounceback overall for the week.  There were a few guys that picked both Friday and Saturday games.  Check out the full rundown of CFB Daily Overlay Scores to see the updated standings.  Fantasy Aces’ Tap in to Mac has taken over the overall lead, though the sample size is much smaller than the others.  He posts his picks in the wee-hours on Saturday morning and, therefore, does not always make it into the weekly article.

The Consensus did pretty well on Friday with a 4.21 score.  Of the 14 picks, exactly half finished with a “B” or better grade.  There were some below average performances though as five of the ten experts finished below 3.0 for Friday.  Let’s review the Consensus picks from Friday in Week Thirteen.



A+ – Brandon Doughty (3x)

A – Vernon Adams, Jr. (4x)

F – CJ Beathard (4x)

Running Back


A+ – Royce Freeman (6x)

A+ – Jeremy McNichols (6x)


A+ – Devin Chafin (4x)

B – Myles Gaskin (4x)

C – Anthony Wales (3x)

C – Kareem Hunt (3x)

F – Qadree Ollison (3x)

Wide Receiver

Highly Touted

A – Corey Davis (7x)


F – Corey Coleman (6x)


D – Taywan Taylor (4x)

D – Daniel Braverman (3x)

Friday’s top dog was a25smith of RotoGrinders with a fantastic 6.25.  He only made four picks with two “A+’s” and an “A”.  STLCards of RotoGrinders finshed right on his heels at 5.89.  Let’s hop into the grades!

a25smith (RotoGrinders) – 6.25 – CJ Beathard was the stick in the mud with his failing grade.

STLCards (RotoGrinders) – 5.89 – Six of his nine picks were an “A” or above.  Corey Coleman scored his lone failing grade in the midst of a downpour in Ft. Worth.

Three of the experts, including the Consensus, finished between a 4.0 and 5.0.

headchopper (RotoGrinders) – 4.89 – A nice rebound week for headchopper.  He’s seen his Daily Overlay score continue to slide the deeper we get into the season.  Three “A+” grades from Doughty, Freeman and McNichols.

JMBWngFN (RotoGrinders) –  4.22 – Two “D’s” from Braverman and Marks and a failing grade from Coleman at the WR position.

Daily Overlay Expert Consensus – 4.21 – Failing grades from Beathard and Coleman really took the bite out of the Consensus grade.  Even with the “F’s” it is considerably higher than recent weeks.

The remaining five experts scored between 2.0 and 3.0.

Fantasy Alarm – 2.89 – The Baylor duo of Coleman and KD Cannon hurt FA’s grade.

Daily Roto – 2.78 – The lone expert to play Greg Ward, Jr. and his “A+” grade.

Hester’s Bargains (RotoGrinders) – 2.50 – Four of his six plays finished with a failing grade.  Thank goodness for the “A+” from Chafin and the “A” from Potter.

Daily Overlay Power Five – 2.2 – Six of Stephen’s ten plays finished at a “D” or lower.

DailyFantasySportsRankings.com – 2.00 – Seven of the eleven picks finished “D” or “F”.

Saturday was a big day for the experts!  The scores from Saturday looked like that run the experts had in the middle of the season.  Several sparkling scores and only one score that could be considered sub-par.  The Consensus finished at 5.06.  When the Consensus finishes with a score like that, it’s fairly safe to assume that they experts had a really solid lineup of picks.


Highly Touted

A+ – Deshaun Watson (8x)


B – Dak Prescott (6x)

C – Marquise Williams (5x)


A+ – Mike Bercovici (3x)

A+ – Austin Appleby (4x)

A+ – Nate Sudfeld (3x)

A – Baker Mayfield (3x)

B – Paxton Lynch (4x)

C – Skyler Howard (3x)

F – Matt Davis (4x)

Running Back

Highly Touted

A+ – Derrick Henry (9x)

A+ – Donnel Pumphrey (8x)

F – Wendell Smallwood (8x)


A+ – Leonard Fournette (6x)

A+ – Joe Williams (6x)


A+ – Ezekiel Elliott (4x)

D – Mike Warren (3x)

Wide Receiver

Highly Touted

A – Isaiah Jones (7x)

F – Jordan Payton (7x)

F – Rashard Higgins (7x)


A+ – James Washington (5x)

A+ – Shaq Washington (5x)

B – Fred Ross (5x)

C – Sterling Shepard (6x)

F – Laquon Treadwell (6x)


C – Simmie Cobbs (3x)

D – Juju Smith-Schuster (4x)

D – DeAngelo Yancey (3x)

We had two experts finish at a 6.0 or above with our high honors for the day going to headchopper.  He put together a really solid weekend of selections to nudge his way right back in the middle of the pack for the season.

headchopper (RotoGrinders) – 6.44 – He made three selections at RB and all scored an “A+”.  Overall, eight of his nine picks finished at “B” or higher and the lowest grade he had for Saturday was a “C” from Skyler Howard.

Tap in to Mac (Fantasy Aces) – 6.00 – As I mentioned above, we have a small sample size from Mac but what we’ve seen has been fantastic.  He used “A+’s” from Austin Appleby, Leonard Fournette, Joe Williams and James Washington to notch a superb grade.  Overall, six of his eight selections scored a “B” or higher.

After the top two, there were still four experts that scored between 5.0 and 6.0.  That is impressive and you don’t typically expect to score above 5.0 and finish in the 6th slot for the week but that’s exactly where the Consensus found itself.

JMBWngFN (RotoGrinders)5.61 – Exactly half of his eighteen picks finished with an “A+” grade.  No surprise names here, just solid plays.

a25smith (RotoGrinders) – 5.56 – Six of his nine finished “B” or above.  He was hurt by failing grades from Wendell Smallwood and Laquon Treadwell.

EMAC (RotoGrinders) –  5.17 – Three “F’s” and a “D” at the WR position really killed what could have been a phenomenal week for EMAC.  He bumped down to 3rd in the season-long standings and sits just .04 ahead of his RotoGrinders counterpart, JMBWngFN.

Daily Overlay Expert Consensus – 5.06 – A lot of “A+” grades for the Consensus on Saturday.  Fourteen of the thirty-five picks to be exact.

Eight experts finished between 4.0 and 5.0.  Same as above.  You don’t expect to finish this low in the standings with scores like these.

DailyFantasyWinners.com – 4.82 – Eleven “A+” grades out of 28 picks.  A good week for someone that is in the bottom-third of the season standings.  The lone expert to play Louisville QB, Lamar Jackson.

STLCards (RotoGrinders) – 4.61 – Three “F’s” at the WR position kept him from a huge week.  Of course, a lot of people took it on the chin from Laquon Treadwell and Jordan Payton.

DailyFantasySportsRankings.com – 4.50 – Three of his six picks were an “A” or above.

Rob O’Conner (venoDFS) – 4.45 – He may have lost his top spot in the standings but still had a solid week.  Wendell Smallwood, Rashard Higgins and Ricardo Louis hurt him with failing grades.

Fantasy Alarm – 4.41 – Fantasy Alarm had a really good weekend.  It didn’t really equate to getting them out of the bottom half of the season standings but it was good, nonetheless.  The lone site to pick Marteze Waller, Joe Mixon and Devin Lucien.

Daily Overlay Power Five – 4.27 – Stephen rebounded from Friday with a solid slate of picks on Saturday.  Four of his eleven picks finished with an “A+”.

Rob Veno (venoDFS) – 4.08 – A nice week from Rob Veno.  He has positioned himself firmly in the middle of the season-long standings.

DailyRoto – 4.04 – A total of 55 picks from Saturday.  16 “A+’s” and 15 “F’s” pretty much sums up the day for DailyRoto.

There were two experts that finished below 4.0.

Derek B. Davis (venoDFS) – 3.73 – Four “A+’s” and four “F’s” with a little in between.

Hester’s Bargains (RotoGrinders) – 2.08 – Hester took the position that was so familiar to him early on this season…the caboose.

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