*** I’m using DraftKings’ pricing, so the picks will be geared towards that site.  But assuming there isn’t a major difference in salary, these plays can be used anywhere.  And as always, make sure to check for the latest injury news and lineup changes. ***

Programming note: Life happened today, and I only had time to get a quick post up.  I’ve included my picks with a few brief reasons why for each one.

C Nikola Vucevic $7,300

Why: Should see a 7% boost to per minute production, projected at 5.6x, nice upside.

C Al Horford $6,500

Why: Close, fast game. Good price.

C Nikola Jokic $5,900

Why: Red hot, Bulls are weak up front, projected at 5.6x.

PF Thaddeus Young $6,200

Why: Big jump in pace, PFs get 10% boost to per minute production, projected at 6x.

PF David West $4,300

Why: Should see 27 minutes with Duncan out and produce at roughly 1.0 FPPM, nice value.

PF Bobby Portis $4,000

Why: Nice value, should see around 23 minutes, like his upside.

SF Robert Covington $6,200

Why: Wizards defense has become a joke, opposing SFs see 12% bump to per minute production, projected for 6x value.

SG Marco Belinelli $4,500

Why: Played 36 minutes in back-to-back games, decent match-up.

PG Tony Parker $4,900

Why: Probably my favorite play, should get small minutes bump with Ginobili out, phenomenal price, have him at 6.2x.

PG Donald Sloan $4,300

Why: Should see about 32 minutes, big time pace boost, projected at nearly 6.5x.

Good luck tonight!