So I must apologize to anyone who is currently utilizing the Value index and Daily Overlay to help them better their lineups.

I am apologizing for me because my pitching recommendations this season have been dreadful. Coming off of being the No. 1 expert we graded in pitching in 2016, my 2017 season has looked like something Jered Weaver, Rookie Davis, Steven Wright, Blake Snell, Nick Martinez or Dylan Covey have put together so far this year. It’s been bad. Real bad.

The only thing about my pitching process is that I am NOT relying heavily on BvP stats to make my picks. BvP was very kind last year in that I could trust the pitchers I listed as suggestions and rolling them out there in my very own DFS lineups.

But I think that is something I am going to have to really, really consider going back to for the remainder of the season. It was reliable, safe, friendly and profitable most days.

As for the bats, well, that’s baseball. Those are going to go on and off all year. There’s less predictability in a player’s bat than there is for pitcher, who controls what pitches to throw, where to throw them, the speed and movement, the location, the count, etc.

So we will see if I can put this derailed train back on the tracks and get it moving when it comes to pitching. But I apologize to anyone I have cost money. I know that’s not fun, and while you still make the choice to play a player, you might weigh them heavily because of an opinion I have written.

But this all may be for not today.

I say that because today marks a day of importance for DFS players in Texas.

From what I have been following and reading, today is the day the Texas Legislature must make a decision to put up or shut up until at least 2019. The vote for a bill that would legalize DFS must go to the floor today for a vote. If that doesn’t occur, then we have to wait two years when these branches of government meet again. If it goes to vote, but is shot down, then again, the same scenario. I feel getting the bill to a vote is key. I will feel more comfortable about it getting passed should this event occur. I don’t know the litigation continues for DraftKings or any other DFS site if Texas isn’t legalized this year.

As for me, if it’s not legalized and I can’t play, I don’t see a reason to write for DailyOverlay anymore. It would be a very big kick to the nuts if Texas, like myself, can’t play something we love.

Anyway, if this is the last day, I hope I make this set of picks count for you, and hopefully cash big in our lineups.

I mean, Mike Pelfrey AND Chris Young are pitching tonight…what could go wrong?

There’s only a game in Coors, a game in Chase, the Yankees in Great American Smallpark, Pelfrey and Young on the mound, the Nats facing Ubaldo, a game at Rogers Centre AND a game at Miller Park. LOTS of offensive options to choose from today.

MIguel Sano – 3B – Minnesota Twins – $4,300

Analysis: Oh dear, Mike Pelfrey somehow still has a job in the major leagues. Today the Twins get a crack at roughing up one of the worst pitchers in baseball. Sano has had some great success against Pelfrey early on, going 3-for-4 with a double, a home run and two walks. Sano has been lightning in a bottle over the past couple of weeks. Add in a ballpark upgrade for the Twinkies, and you have a prime 3B selection tonight.

Bryce Harper – OF – Washington Nationals – $5,400

Analysis:  Heeee’s baaaacck. Bryce Harper went yard again in his return from an injury, and hopefully we aren’t a day late here. But he and the Nats are facing Ubaldo Jimenez, who has given up a .380 wOBA to lefties since the start of 2016. Harper has a couple of walks against Ubaldo in a handful of ABs, so give it time (tonight to be exact) that Harper gets dinger off of Ubaldo and his 3.00 HR/9 vs. lefties since 2016.

Aaron Judge – OF – New York Yankees – $4,600

Analysis: Judge didn’t play last night, and neither did Castro (see below), so the only thing that’s changed my love for them today is their opposing pitcher, Tim Adleman. He’s an upgrade to Rookie Davis, who got hammered last night, but he’s still a gas can. Judge destroys right-handed pitching as I wrote up yesterday. He’s second on the team in wOBA and ISO versus RHs this season. The only one better is Aaron Hicks, but come on, who would you rather play?

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