With a first-place finish in Week 9, DFSArmy has moved into a first-place tie in the overall standing with FantasyTeamAdvice as we pass the halfway point of the NFL season. It should be a great second half of the season as the DFS experts look to make their move!

On to the Week 9 grades, class is in session!

Consensus Recap – Week 9

The Industry Consensus picks finished strong with a 3rd place position out of 22 experts graded.

QB (Score: 5.00 / Rank 7th out of 22) – With no grade lower than a “C”, the Consensus got an “A+” from Jared Goff and an “A” from Patrick Mahomes.

RB (Score: 6.17 / Rank 4th out of 22) – The Consensus cash list had the top 3 RBs of the week with “A+” grades from Alvin Kamara, Kareem Hunt and Christin McCaffrey.

WR (Score: 3.38 / Rank 5th out of 22) – WR was a mixed bag but the Consensus was solid overall including high marks from Michael Thomas and DeAndre Hopkins the top two WRs of the week.

TE (Score: 7.50 / Rank 5th out of 22) – The Consensus crushed the TE position with three of the top four scorers including Travis Kelce, O.J. Howard and Greg Olsen.

D/ST (Score: 3.75 / Rank 12th out of 20) – D/ST was the one down spot for the Consensus unless you were able to pay up for the Bears D/ST.

Consensus Recap – Week 9 – GPP options

Players that showed up in the GPP section of the Consensus and received grade of “A” or better this week.

QB – Drew Brees

RB – none

WR – Julio Jones, Keenan Allen, Brandin Cooks

TE – none

Head of the Class – Week 9

Each week I will highlight a few of the top experts for the week. Here are the experts that deserve a “gold star” for Week 9 based on their cumulative grades for all players they touted this week.

#1) DFS Army (Score: 6.08) had seven “A+” grades out of their 13 selections including Drew Brees, Jared Goff, Alvin Kamara, Christian McCaffrey, Kareem Hunt and Travis Kelce.

#2) RotoGrinders Consensus (Score: 5.32) had 11 out of 25 selections get an “A+” which included Jared Goff, Alvin Kamara, Michael Thomas, Greg Olsen, and the Dolphins D/ST.

#3) DailyOverlay – Industry Consensus (Score: 4.96) joined the top 3 probably for the first time ever as the shift to grading just the “Cash game” options show the power of the Consensus.

Top Value – DFSArmy (3.93 DK Pts/$1000) had their best value at QB (Brees, Goff) and D/ST (Bears)

Head of the Class – Week 9 (By Position)

Sometimes there is just that one class that you excel in. In this section, I will highlight who the top experts were at each position for Week 9.

QB – DFSArmy (7.33)

RB – DFSArmy (10.00)

WR – RotoGrinders – Lineup Builder (4.33)

TE – DailyFantasyCafe, Rotowire, RotoGrinders – Lineup Builder (10.00)

DST – DailyFantasyCafe, FantasyTeamAdvice, Sportsline (10.00)

Study Time – Week 9

If we are going to give a gold star to the top experts of the week, we also need to determine which experts might need to put in some extra study time to pull up those grades. Here are the Week 9 experts that didn’t make the grade this week.

  • DailyRoto – Optimizer (Score: 1.67) the machine had a down week including picks of Kyle Rudolph, Jakeem Grant and Phillip Lindsay
  • DraftKings Playbook – Value Picks (Score: 1.83) had five “F” grades out of 12 selections and were let down by Chris Carson, Danny Amendola, DJ Moore and Vance McDonald

Extra Credit – Week 9

In this section, I will look to give some extra credit to experts that received an A+ grade for a player that they recommended when very few other experts did. Week 9 extra credit goes to the following…

A+ – Mike Davis (Rotowire)
A+ – Vikings D/ST (FantasyGuruElite)

Head of the Class – Season

Here are the top experts in the Overall Standings after Week 9 of the season, including which site has provided the top DraftKings points per $1000 of salary.

#1 tie) FantasyTeamAdvice (Score: 4.34)

#1 tie) DFSArmy (Score: 4.34)

#3) RotoGrinders – Consensus (Score: 4.16)

#4) RotoGrinders – Lineup Builder (Score: 4.06)

#5) DailyOverlay – Cash Index (Score: 3.90)

Top Value – DFSArmy and RotoGrinders – Lineup Builder (3.20 DK Pts/$1000)

The DailyOverlay Industry Consensus jumped into 9th place in the overall standings out of 23 experts with a great 3rd place finish in Week 9.

Head of the Class – Season (By Position)

Sometimes there is just that one class that you excel in. Here are the top experts at each position through Week 9 of the season including which site has provided the top DraftKings points per $1000 of salary.


#1) DailyRoto – Optimizer (6.60)

#2) DailyFantasyNerd (4.89)

Top Value –DraftKings Playbook – Cash Picks (4.45 DK Pts/$1000)


#1) FantasyTeamAdvice (6.00)

#2) DFSArmy (5.95) – NEW

Top Value – RotoGrinders – Lineup Builder (3.56 DK Pts/$1000)


#1) FantasyTeamAdvice (3.64)

#2) DFSArmy (2.95)

Top Value – FantasyTeamAdvice (2.64 DK Pts/$1000)


#1) Rotoballer (5.19) – NEW LEADER

#2) DailyFantasyCafe (5.12) – NEW

Top Value – Rotoballer (3.34 DK Pts/$1000) – NEW


#1) DailyFantasyCafe (4.95) – NEW LEADER

#2) DraftKings Playbook – Value Picks (4.94)

Top Value – Rotowire (3.34 DK Pts/$1000) – NEW

Let’s see who can make the grade in Week 10!

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