The Blue Jays continue to troll me.

Pump in money thinking you will catch the Blue Jays on heater early in the season;…lose.

Basically go all in on Severino Monday against one of the worst offenses in baseball (the Blue Jays)…lose.

It’s not fun losing, especially in that way. I mean, Ryan Goins…

Anyway, rant over and today is a new day!

We have a full slate of games for tonight with a ton of pitching to consider in our lineups. There aren’t many games in hitters parks tonight, so like last night, this may be another day we pay up for pitching.

Let’s get to it!

James Paxton – SP – Seattle Mariners – $9,200

Analysis: He might be starting something of a breakout season in 2017. Paxton has the stuff to be an elite pitcher (100 MPH fastball) and filthy breaking stuff as you see in the gif above. Tonight he’s up against a terrible Angels offense that he has owned in his career – a .215 batting average, 5 extra base hits (2 HR to Pujols), 6 runs allowed and 16 Ks. The Angels aren’t going to strike out a ton, but Paxton should be able to maneuver his way through this lineup and pitch deep into tonight’s game in pitcher’s ballpark.

Ervin Santana – SP – Minnesota Twins – $8,600

Analysis: I am not someone who really like Ervin Santana, but it is hard to ignore what he has done to start the season. Granted, he has faced the White Sox twice, the Rangers and the Indians. Three of those teams aren’t very good offensively. But we might as well keep the ball rolling here as Santana gets another great home matchup with the Oakland A’s, a team that is striking out more this season than in the past, a 24% clip. They are near the bottom five in offensive wOBA against RH pitching, and outside of Khris Davis, there’s not a lot of power in this lineup, and certainly not a lot of guys who are making good contact either.

Buster Posey – C – San Francisco Giants – $3,700

Analysis: Yep, I continue to go back to the well. I have felt the elation in DFS Posey is showing above. Albeit, I didn’t win the World Series, so I can’t compare my winning to his. But it’s because of him I even won the money I’ve won in baseball the past couple of years. Posey is up against a lefty in Alex Wood, and that’s what I will continue to do, play Posey against lefties. This is a slight ballpark upgrade for Posey, going to Dodger Stadium, but not much. Wood just ins’t a great pitcher. Against Wood, Posey is 4-for-9 with two doubles, 3 RBIs and a walk. Posey is a guy that always seems to put up points, not matter what, and against a lefty, he’s a great fit at catcher for only $3,700.

Matt Carpenter – 1B – St. Louis Cardinals – $4,200

Analysis: If you are a BvP truther like myself, then this is the BvP play of the day in my book. I am not buying that Wily Peralta is all of a sudden a decent pitcher. He throws a fastball with some velocity and a mediocre breaking pitch. He’s not good. The Cardinals also aren’t good and they fail to realize he is a lead-off hitter. They want you to believe that Dexter Fowler is a great hitter and lead-off guy, but he’s not. There’s a reason he has been on a lot of baseball teams in his career. As for Carpenter, he is 20-for-43 with 6 doubles, 3 HR, 7 RBI and 4 walks against Peralta. This game is being played in a more pitcher friendly atmosphere, but I don’t care. Give me the BvP.

Matt Holliday – OF – New York Yankees – $4,000

Analysis: Pitchers I hate include Scott Feldman, Wily Peralta, Derek Holland, Jake Odorizzi, Bronson Arroyo, Marco Estrada and MAT LATOS. Tonight the Yankees get to try and right the ship after a terrible showing against overachiever Estrada. But Latos is actually just a bad pitcher and gets a bad pallpark against a team that has hit RH pitchers very well this season. I expect a full showing from the Yankees tonight and part of that piece should be Holliday, who has started to find his stroke of late. Against Latos in his career, Holliday is 11-for-29 with 8 RBI and a walk. All that is missing is that home run and Latos isn’t getting younger (neither is Holliday) or better, and the ballpark should help Holliday and the Yanks in this matchup.