There are far too many pitchers with the last name Lopez on this slate.

Pablo Lopez – Miami

Reynaldo Lopez – Chicago

Jorge Lopez – Kansas City

I am going to mix these up come lineup building time, aren’t I?

To honor the triumvirate of Lopez’s on this slate, here’s my list of the top Lopez’s of all time.

  1. Jennifer, aka J-Lo
  2. Mario, aka A.C. Slater
  3. Javy – Braves Catcher
  4. Brook/Robin Lopez – College basketball versions
  5. Sessilee/Luscious – No clue who they are, but very attractive.
  6. George – Comedian/Actor
  7. Who did I miss?

Overall, Monday was a great night for the Index. I don’t have the time to play a bunch of lineups, so I usually play just one or two. I didn’t get to Jose Ramirez or Arenado, but a few tweeks with them would’ve really made things interesting for yours truly. But a great night overall, even though I missed out on a lot of Yelich except on Yahoo and Showdowns. That guy is really turning into something special, and that’s difficult for me to finally admit.

Anyway, we have a huge 13-game slate to dive into today, so let’s get after it.

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Now, let’s take down this slate like the (GAME OF THRONES SPOILER IS COMING NEXT DON’T READ IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED SEASON 7!!!!) Night King took down Viserion!

Oh, remember. Pricing is FD and Draftkings with their percentages of salary cap. FD price is first, then DK, same goes for the percentages.

ALSO…FanDuel slate is 15 games, starts at 5:30 p.m. central, so we will cover those games here, too.


Pablo Lopez – vs. Chicago Cubs – $6,400/$6,900 – 18%/25% -35%

Analysis: Well, Trevor Richards didn’t work out. He’s dead to me. Not even Marlins Park could keep the Cubs from getting to Richards. But now they face a different kind of pitcher in Pablo of the 3-Lopez trifecta. Lopez is young and going to give up some hits and runs, but we don’t care about that as much on FanDuel. We care about strikeouts, quality starts and wins. Right now, Lopez is striking out lefties at an 11.37 K/9 and righties at a 9.35 K/9. Lopez is a reverse splits pitcher from the right side and he should see a fair share of lefties here against the Cubs. Upside strong despite facing the 4th team in wOBA against RH pitching.

Kenta Maeda – vs. Cincinnati Reds – $8,300/$9,000 – 23.7%/29.6% – 39.2%

Analysis: The Reds are 25th in wOBA against right-handed pitching this season, and unless Yasiel Puig continues to play revenge, this play for cash games is pretty clear cut. The Reds strike out 23% of the time and Maeda, along with a loaded offense behind him facing Cincy’s Trevor Mahle, are in a great spot to rock the boat and get the win.

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