I can’t help but feel this way after a very successful (for this little experiment) DFS outing last night.

But even 321 FanDuel points only brought in a profit of $4.80, but you have to start somewhere.

I hope myself, and the DailyOverlay-ers using DraftKings (Matt and Brad) can put a little streak together.

I also decided that I would enter my lineup into a H2H matchup. My score destroyed my opponent. I’ve felt I have had some solid scores but no cash in the past, so I started to wonder if those lineups would have made a dent if I played them in H2Hs as well. I’ll keep a running record of these this week, so right now my H2H using our rules for the Construction article is at 1-0.

Here is tonight’s Expert Consensus in case you haven’t looked at it yet.

Time to put the win streak to two. But before you check out our lineups, I think it would be wise to play Josh Smith if Clint Capela is ruled out. I wanted to put J-Smoove in my lineup, but he probably doesn’t fall within our rules completely, despite Howard being suspended. Something to think about. I also couldn’t fit in Harden the way I wanted to, so I don’t fault you for going that route.

Away we go!

Entrant – Stephen – FanDuel

League Entries – $1, 100-man 50/50 and $1, $100K NBA Swat


Entrant – Matt – DraftKings

League Entries – $2, 100-person 50/50 and $2, $8K Layup