I’ve always been a great speller, but there are words that always trip me up time after time.

Being a special ed teacher for almost four years, I have finally learned how to spell “accommodate.” Two M’s, folks.

Another word I have finally mastered is “consensus.”

Always want to add an extra ‘C,’ but I have kicked that bad habit.

What I would like to master next is utilizing our Expert Consensus players properly to increase my bankroll.

We have just a few more tries at this before the NBA All-Star break, so I would like to have a nice streak going heading into the second-worst sports weekend of the year (first being the MLB All-Star break).

Good luck tonight, and for the record – Panthers over Broncos in Super Bowl L, er, I mean 50.

Entrant – Stephen – FanDuel

Entries – $1, 100-man 50/50 and $1, $100K NBA Swat


Lineup Note: Due to the absence of Carmelo and Lance Thomas, via our own set rules, I believe Afflalo and Galloway equal Carmelo Anthony (price and potential production). Carmelo is on today’s Expert Consensus list. Derrick Williams is another great value play, but he’s not starting and I didn’t want to have 3 Knicks in place of Anthony since the value exceeded Carmelo’s price for today. Good luck all!

Entrant – Matt – DraftKings

Entries – $2, 100-man 50/50 and $2, $8K NBA Layup

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