Welcome to the first installment of DailyOverlay’s NBA Consensus Lineup Construction Project.

If you have followed us since the beginning of the NBA season, you have most likely visited the Industry Expert Consensus article on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays each week.

We’ve decided to have a little fun on our end and see if we can be profitable in cash games and GPPs using players ONLY from the expert consensus suggestions.

Each night we run an expert consensus, we will post our lineups in this lineup construction section.

A couple of rules for you to know before posting tonight’s lineups.

  1. All players in our lineups come from the names listed in our consensus article. However, if one of those players is ruled out and we have time to put in that player’s backup or a player around the same salary, we will pivot to that player.
  2. We must use all of the “Highly Touted” and “Recommended” players as possible, then fill in the remaining salary with players from the”Suggested” player list. All of us submitting lineups will have some subjectivity to who we play based on the matchup when we need to fill out the remaining portion of our rosters.
  3. Brad and Matt will post the results our lineup construction in their consensus grading articles, so be on the lookout from that.
  4. We will have at least 1 DraftKings and 1 FanDuel lineup every night. They will be in a 50/50 lineup and large-field GPP each.
  5. We want you to have fun with this and enjoy seeing the results. Please comment and share your thoughts as much as possible. Also, join in the fun if you wish to copy our lineups to see if it helps you cash as well!

On to the lineups for today!

Entrant – Brad – FanDuel

Leagues Entered: $2, 100-man 50/50 and $2 300K NBA Shot GPP

FD-Jan 11

Entrant – Stephen – DraftKings

Leagues Entered: NBA Giant $1 Double-up and $3 NBA Tip-Off Special GPP

NBA Lineup 1 - 1-11

Check back later this week to see how we did! Good luck everyone!


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