*** I’m using DraftKings’ pricing, so the picks will be geared towards that site.  But assuming there isn’t a major difference in salary, these plays can be used anywhere.  And as always, make sure to check for the latest injury news and lineup changes. ***


I’m not in love with anyone at PG tonight.  I will probably drop down to McConnell in most places, but I’ll give you a couple of options at different price tiers.

John Wall (WAS) $8,300 v. Charlotte

This is purely a tournament play.  Wall’s coming off two real clunkers, and he’s only eclipsed 43 FP once in his last 10 games.  Charlotte is currently #4 in pace, and Kemba should offer little to no resistance on defense.  He should be fairly low-owned, and he has the type of upside that could help win you a tournament.

Kemba Walker (CHA) $7,400 v. Washington

His price shot up $500 from last time out.  It’s creeping to a point where I’m going to start looking elsewhere, but it’s fine given the match-up with Washington tonight (both top-10 in pace).  Kemba’s been good for 39+ FP in six of his last seven, and I’m very interested in that consistency given the lack of appealing options at PG.  I’d take 40 and move on.

T.J. McConnell (PHI) $5,200 v. Boston

He’s lost a little bit of his shine, but there are some things to like about using McConnell tonight.  He’s put up at least 8 shots in four of his last five while getting at least 9 rebounds + assists in all five.  If he can make a few shots, he should be good for 30+ FP.


Dwyane Wade (MIA) $6,900 v. Detroit

In Wade’s last three games, he’s averaging:

  • 32.3 minutes
  • 22.3 points (on 18.7 shots)
  • 5.3 rebounds
  • 5.0 assists
  • 40.0 DK points

In one of those games, the Heat were blowing out the Knicks, and Wade spent his time in the 4th on the bench.  I think a reasonable expectation for tonight would be 35 minutes and 40-45 FP, which I will gladly take for just under $7k.  Even better and given the number of shots he’s putting up lately, he has 40 actual point potential.

Bradley Beal (WAS) $6,600 v. Charlotte

I’ve already pointed this out twice, but it’s an up-tempo game.  He’s also been shooting early and often; getting up at least 19 shots in four of his last eight.  There’s always a bit of risk that Beal will bust, but there aren’t many guys out there who could realistically see 20 shots for less than $7k.  He’s worth the gamble.

Kevin Martin (MIN) $4,100 v. Atlanta for GPP / Rondae Hollis-Jefferson (BKN) $4,000 v. OKC for CASH

I’m combining these two as a value-based option at SG depending on the games you’re playing.  Martin moved into the Timberwolves’ starting lineup last game and promptly torched a number of my starting lineups.  I’m willing to go back to the well, though.  He should see around 30 minutes and has 30 actual point upside.  That’s all you can really ask for at $4k.  He’ll have games where he’s cold from the floor and puts up no peripherals, hence the GPP tag.

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson’s last two games have been great (35.25 FP in each), but that pace is almost certainly unsustainable as his performance was aided by 8 steals in those two games.  I’d lean towards using him in cash rather than GPPs as he’s only seen more than 5 shots once in his last 10 games.  He can fill up a stat line, which means his floor is reasonably high and safe for a $4k player, but I don’t think he’ll see enough usage to really hit it big.


Nicolas Batum (CHA) $7,300 v. Washington

This is another GPP-leaning pick.  He has great games.  He has awful games.  There usually isn’t much of a middle ground.  He’s allegedly a little under the weather as well.  So yeah, GPP only for tonight.  That said, he’s got 50 FP upside at just over $7k.  So I’m going to sprinkle him in to my lineups.

Robert Covington (PHI) $4,800 v. Boston

He’s averaged 33.5 minutes and 34.0 DK points over his last two.  The guys who can fill up a box score tend to perform well against the Celtics, and Covington fits that bill.  If his minutes hold up, I think he’s a lock to hit value at $4.8k


Kevin Love (CLE) $8,300 v. Toronto

Love was red hot last game; scoring 34 actual points and hitting 6 of 9 from deep.  I’m looking to ride that wave tonight.  Scola plays around the basket, and that should mean an increase in Love’s opportunity for rebounds.  Also, I’m not sure Scola is quick enough to hang with Love on the perimeter, so Love shouldn’t have any problem scoring.

Kristaps Porzingis (NYK) $7,000 v. Orlando

He’s FINALLY getting real minutes (36 and 37 in his last two, and 31+ in three of his last four).  That means it’s time to lock and load ZINGOD.  Orlando is a great spot for opposing bigs, and I fully expect 40+ FP out of Kristaps tonight.  I’m using him across the board.

Markieff Morris (PHO) $5,400 v. New Orleans

He’s just too cheap.  The Suns were in New Orleans three days ago, and Markieff posted a 17/8/3/1/1 line (35.5 FP) despite being in foul trouble.  He followed that up with 44 FP the next night in San Antonio, so it’s obvious that he’s playing some good ball.  He needs roughly 32 FP to pay off his price, and that seems like a safe bet.  I wouldn’t be shocked if he got 45 tonight.

Here’s something to keep an eye on… Jabari Parker is playing more minutes for the Bucks as of late, and I think a breakout game is on the horizon.  He’s still only $4,300, and I think he’s going to win someone a GPP in the near future.


You could go a number of ways at C tonight.  No one really stands out to me.  If you’re looking for upside, I’d pay up for Hassan Whiteside, but I don’t think he’s someone you should be trying to force into your lineups.  If Brook Lopez sees a full allotment of minutes (highly unlikely), I think he’s a great play.  I just can’t use him given my opinion of how the game should play out.  So here’s who I’m using…

Dwight Howard (HOU) $7,400 v. Memphis

He’s gotten at least 10 rebounds in his last seven games; including 15 against Memphis five days ago.  In his last four games, he’s failed to attempt more than 6 shots.  He’s due for a little positive regression.  If he can get something like 14 points on 10 shots (seems totally reasonable), I think he scores 45+ FP tonight.

Karl-Anthony Towns (MIN) $7,400 v. Atlanta

Dwight is a little safer, and KAT has a little more upside.  So pick your poison.  He’s coming off a bad game where he was plagued by foul trouble, so maybe some people are off of him tonight.  He’s been great all year; averaging 35.0 FP in 28.4 MPG.  In games where he sees 34 minutes, he’s a near lock for 40 FP.

Kosta Koufos (SAC) $4,100 v. Milwaukee

Cousins is out.  I think Koufos sees roughly 28 minutes tonight, and that should put him around 25 FP.  He doesn’t have the upside that Dwight and KAT have, but he’s cheap and relatively safe.  If you need to save a few bucks to spend at other positions, Kosta is a fine option.

Good luck tonight!