Hope everyone had a solid holiday weekend, but we return for the final couple of weeks of the NBA season.

Tonight starts our week with a 10-game slate, and already it appears a big gun will be out of action – DeMarcus “Boogie” Cousins.

That sets up the rest of the Kings for higher usage and potential value at the C/PF position.

I forgot to mention Friday that I had a fellow DFS friend playing in the FanDuel Fantasy Basketball World Championships in Los Angeles. He didn’t win, but “Dongsquad” (yes, that’s his handle), still had a nice showing at the event and didn’t leave empty handed. Congrats my friend!

If you haven’t figured it out yet (as I have failed to reference it from time-to-time), Brad recaps our week of lineup constructions on Mondays in his Industry Grading article, which is now published for your viewing pleasure.

Here’s tonight’s Expert Consensus in case you haven’t check it out yet.

And on to our lineups for the evening (drumroll please…)

Entrant – Stephen – FanDuel

Cash Game Lineup


GPP Lineup


GPP Narrative: This is a stars-and-scrubs lineup at its finest, but there is so much value out there with the Kings resting players and Mavs and NO decimated by injuries. Everyone above is from the consensus except Devin Harris, who qualifies for an off-the-board and an injury play. I hope Toronto can keep it close and everyone left on the Kings should play all the minutes they can handle, same for the Mavs.

Entrant – Brad – DraftKings

Cash Game Lineup


Cash Narrative: Going with three Kings tonight in my Cash lineup, all whom I figure will more “chalky” than the Consensus show tonight due to the scratches of Cousins, Rondo and Gay.

GPP Lineup


GPP Narrative: I am going to try to “zig” when other “zag” tonight in my GPP lineup. As I mentioned in my Cash Narrative, I am assuming the Kings players will be highly owned tonight in GPPs which will lead to a “stars and scrubs” lineup construction for many. So I am going to fade them all and go with more of a “middle of the road” player salary lineup tonight. I am using two “off the board” plays in Dwyane Wade who I expect to handle the ball more with Goran Dragic out and then plugged in Amir Johnson as a high risk/reward play to fit the salary cap.

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